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Personal Development Plan

Defining a Leader

I believe that a leader is one who is in command or in charge of others. When a thing or a person provides guidance or direction to people, organizations, movements, or group, then that individual or thing is described as a leader.

Mission Statement

My mission as a leader is to provide a stable working environment where everyone can realize their full potential through social responsibility, team work, and integrity. The aim is to unleash the power and potential of people as well as organizations for the common good.

Leader Role Models

Steve Jobs was a famous co-founder of the Apple Inc. From the biography written by Walter Isaacson, Jobs was a very visionary leader who was driven by future expectation rather than present huddles. He had great ability in utilizing team work as part of his management style. Steve Jobs exercising autocratic leadership style which he coupled with his charismatic character. He is quoted to have a desire for his employees to attain a sense of ownership which is a very essential organizational culture. To get employees to own the business will help in enhancing their performance as well as creating intrinsic motivation. The two concepts of leadership that are evident in Jobs’ management style are; autocracy and transformational principle.

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In his endeavors, one can obviously conclude that he believes in theory of leaders being made and not born. In this concept, a leader is one that influences others in order to accomplish a goal which will ultimately lead the organization in a manner that it becomes more coherent and cohesive. His decision making skills were great and he had an answer to any huddle. This is very typical of visionary and transformational leaders.  He held strong opinions as well as being open minded for options. Such leadership skills bring focus to the organization as well giving all stakeholders a sense of purpose. For instance, Steve Jobs insisted that Apple Inc should only focus on two and not more than three priorities at a time. This provided a high clarity in the business. The decision making skills of a leader are the determining factors to the focus and purpose of an organization. A leader who is slack in making decision will plunge a business into purposelessness and lack of focus.

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Dr. Samuel is a manager of local business hardware enterprise in our town. I believe he is a leader because he is strong-willed and determined. He is always focused at getting things done and this is a typical characteristic of a leader. He has fashioned his hardware business as an integrated whole. This has given his business the ability to grow very fast as well as be strictly focused. With six branches, he has ensured that all the departments of the business work as a whole unit with application of teamwork principles. Dr. Samuel believes in deep collaboration with his employees and all stakeholders of the business.

Personal Leader Action Plan

One of the greatest concepts of leadership that I would apply in my life is serving selflessly and also having an honorable character. I would work at developing an understanding of human nature such as motivations, needs and emotions.

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Secondly, I would work at improving my communication skills by ensuring that people under my authority are fully conversant with organizational strategies as well as their contribution in achieving organizational objectives. I would develop a sense of responsibility and ownership among my followers.

Lastly, I would use good planning and decision making tools. This entails making informed, timely, and sound decisions. From Steve Jobs example, I will thrive to be professional by being honest, loyal to the management, competent, taking personal responsibility, straightforward and performing selfless service.

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