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The Latin School of Medicine

Kindly receive my application to study Medicine at the Latin American School of Medicine (LASM). It has been my childhood ambition to become a medical doctor. I made this choice at the tender age of 4. I have been fortunate enough to be a nurse’s son and my mother has been a great source of inspiration. Consequently, I have been continuously exposed to the medical profession throughout the better part of my life. The suffering of medical patients is a source of great sorrow. It has been my ardent desire to restore health to sick people. I took a keen interest on medicine during my early teenage years. In school, my area of specialty was more inclined towards Mathematics and Sciences especially Biology. Due to my exemplary academic performance, I was awarded a scholarship to undertake a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology & Chemistry at Montclair State University. This gives me an excellent background to take on Medicine studies.

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The Latin School of Medicine is highly rated in medical academia and it would be a great honor to study in the institution. Cuba has made great advances in information technology and infrastructure. These features impact positively on efficient delivery of medical services. Moreover, Cuban medical students and health practitioners are exposed to cutting edge technology in Medicine. In fact Cuban doctors are renowned worldwide for their medical prowess. All these factors contribute to my choice to study Medicine in Cuba and at the prestigious LASM.

This medical program holds great appeal since the ultimate objective is to train medical doctors who provide low-cost services to poor communities. This is in line with my ambition to make a positive impact on the lives of sick, poor patients. The program is an initiative of the Cuban government to provide affordable health services to disadvantaged and underserved communities. Full scholarships are granted to young people who wish to pursue Medicine especially if they hail from regions affected by hurricanes. The scholarship is open to people from other countries especially those belonging to minority groups. I am a Hispanic of Venezuelan descent and hence a prospective candidate for the program. I reside in the United States and I intend to utilize learnt medical skills to treat marginalized US citizens who lack access to medical care. I cannot realize my dream in a US medical school due to financial constrains and the scholarship provides a wonderful opportunity towards the attainment of self actualization.

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Several life experiences have drawn me to the medical profession. In high school, I was privileged to serve in the Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA). This granted me good exposure to medical terminology as well as practices. I have also been involved in philanthropic causes. First as a student council member, I helped to raise funds for academic text books for poor students. Secondly, I have been an ardent supporter and active participant of medical walks such as ‘Walk for Autism’, ‘Feed the Homeless’ and ‘Walk for Breast Cancer’. Upon graduation, I would be honored to join the ‘Doctors with no border’ program. I admire their role in providing medical services to very needy cases mainly on humanitarian grounds.

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Generally Cuba has been a communist state under the leadership of Fidel Castro who assumed leadership in 1958. I admire the manner in which Fidel nationalized public utilities and instilled controls on the private sector for the common good. Over the years many Cuban citizens have moved to the United States. Historically, there has been a strained relationship between Cuba and the United States. Recently, a truce has been reached and one positive outcome is the availability of Medicine scholarship opportunities for US citizens in Cuba. I hope to be a beneficiary of this program. Language barrier would not be a hindrance since am proficient in both Spanish and English.

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