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Supplemental Questionnaire Answers

Having been a marketing and business coordinator, I am broadly experienced with the challenges that small businesses face. Presently, effective marketing has to incorporate the aspect of internet. For small businesses, online marketing is a challenge due to its rapid evolution. Furthermore, small businesses find it challenging to spread awareness that they are present online which would attract buyers to their virtual stores. Insufficient resources lead to other problems which include failure to recognize the benefits of exploiting opportunities, inconsistency in establishing goals, and inadequate after sale service and customer support. When providing products and services to these businesses, it is vital consider that they may lack adequate logistic and resources, which would lead to a waste of time and delayed payments. Due to their scope and size, they fail to attract highly skilled manpower, and this makes it hard for them to identify a unique selling point and successfully identify with it to raise their rate of turnover. This means that their products stay on their shelves longer than those of chain stores.

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On one instance, I was responsible for coordinating a trade fair. The company considered it as a vital project because we wanted to exhibit our latest services and products as well as enable the sellers and buyers meet at a different setting. The exhibition had been set up at a local mall by a team of four members with me as the coordinator. To ensure its success, my team had to agree on precise stipulations which would act as our terms of reference. We planned the activities, resources, and time in a logical manner which lessened the management burden. We employed tools such as Gantt Charts and Critical Path Analysis flow diagrams to facilitate checking, measuring, monitoring, and reviewing the project’s progress. In the end, the project was very successful, and I attributed this success to the efficient communication that I facilitated as well as the genuine willingness of my partners to ensure positive outcomes.

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I have been involved in the planning and coordination of a variety of events which include a team building event, meetings, and an incentive travel. The team building event was a big occasion which was meant to aid the development and motivation of teams in various divisions. We found it as a useful tool that enabled the employees to come up with real teams. There were various exercises involved that required an individual to trust on team support. It was successful, and everyone enjoyed for we remained within our budget; and avoided discussing challenging business matters. On several occasions, I am involved in the planning of much smaller events such as meetings which are held in our company boardroom. This is where we discuss financial and operational strategies. Though smaller, it is at times difficult to arrange for tools such as audiovisual productions and occasions like group discussions. I make adequate prior arrangements whenever the company has to rent equipments or services to avoid disappointment in the end. During the meetings, I always ensure that I act as the emotional guide to the rest so that they don’t end up being monotonous and boring. I dispel the negative notions which help in stimulating creativity and professionalism. Our meetings have been fruitful as we have successfully solicited the director and the CEO for more projects funding even in the state of economic decline. At one time, I was among the coordinators of an event that turned out dull. We once organized an incentive travel that aimed to reward and motivate the employees. In the entourage, we had some important customers from whom we wished to earn loyalty and in effect retain them. Everything was in order having surveyed the site, made all the necessary procurements, and drafted the budget. Unfortunately we had no clue that one of us was asthmatic; and had forgotten to pick his daily medication. The setting was at an exotic island where only snacks and soft drinks were sold. No sooner had we arrived at the site, he had an attack; and the boat was to pick us hours later. After struggling for about an hour, another boat arrived to drop another group. The captain offered to help but, though relieved, a significant number of the group members suggested that we quit the exercise in solidarity with the sick member. This proved the importance of health and safety considerations when organizing events.

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I have been an executive marketing assistant where my roles included constant maintaining and monitoring of marketing campaigns. I have been responsible for drafting marketing strategies which involve coordinating research, distribution of marketing literature, and event organizations. Other responsibilities included inventory management as well as creating, updating and distributing status reports. I coordinated communication, supervision, and performance evaluation on behalf of the division director and division affiliates.

I have been able to take control of multiple tasks, even when they are all top priorities. I have been successful through an effective management of conflicting demands, confident mastery of tasks, and prioritization of crucial projects. Every day, I learn to eliminate bottlenecks which enables me do more with less time. I have come to appreciate the importance of keeping track of multiple projects through the establishment and meeting of deadlines. Whenever urgent matters crop up, I evaluate how crucial they are in relation to those that I am already attending to. Based on this evaluation, I then renegotiate their deadlines with the stakeholders informing them that high quality projects will require adequate time duration.

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My position as a marketing executive required making frequent presentation. I have found PowerPoint a useful tool that aids in retaining the attention of the audience. I have used it severally to brief the executive and other employees on important issues which required their decision. Microsoft Word has been my primary word processing tool which I have used to type brochures, papers, resumes, and memos. I have used outlook as an e-mail application, task manager, calendar, and contact manager. Microsoft Excel has been very helpful when I am required to do certain financial and statistical analysis. I have used other software like the Group ware and Microsoft access. Group ware has assisted my teams to realize their goals in time while Microsoft Access has allowed me create list of users and products in the database.

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My working experience has taught me to treat every person individually, and I have a sense of how people regard various culture climates as they interact. I am sensitive to terminology as I have on multiple occasions been responsible for introducing diverse discussions at meetings. I have learnt to accord similar level of confidence and respect to everyone regardless of their abilities because I am aware of the complexity that exists in a group of people from diverse backgrounds. I try to get informed about everyone’s historical and cultural backgrounds so that I make all inclusive decisions.

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