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My Dream of Flying

I am a Vietnamese seriously with deep passion and compassion of aviation and airplane operations. Studying and working in an aviation industry had been my childhood dream. Brought up in Vietnam, I have developed a lot of interest in handling and operating airplane devices. I do understand that no man will ever be convinced by simple words like mine rather than giving out evidence supporting my statement. The following paragraphs outline my activities and reasons why I would like to get an admission for aviation course in the college.

My passion in aviation

My love for airplanes began during my childhood. I cannot find a proper reason for that. I only find it fun talking about anything related to airplanes. During my childhood days, I used to love airplane toys. I enjoyed every moment operating my toys without thinking of any other thing. In fact, my parents had to come up with rules to prevent me from overplaying with the toy. I used to enjoy watching airplanes heading to and from Can Tho Airport, which is not far from my home. Moreover, I do love computer for one good reason, playing games. I am addicted to playing simulator game like Planet Simulation Game and Flight Simulator X. Most of my friends claim that I am not normal. They believe that my preferred games are very boring. Some say that just flying the airplane on the screen alone is not something interesting enough to be classified as a hobby. Personally, I do not like listening to people who are not willing to accept or support my interests. Therefore, I played the game alone most of the time still enjoyed. My love for airplanes has received many comments from my elementary teachers and other tutors who saw it as a gift that should be properly nurtured.

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Due to my love for airplane, I attended a two-week flight camp at Vietnam in 2009 before my 10th grade. I learnt a lot concerning aircrafts during the camp under the guide of  aircraft expert and fellow campers. I learnt of different parts of an airplane and their functions. I learnt of turbine engine, which generates thrust for the plane to fly. The tutor also taught us about the wings that generate lift, flaps that increase lift and drag, and elevator, which changes the plane's pitch when moving in the air. I also leant some basics on how aircrafts fly. This had been a mystery before. I could not understand why stone thrown in the air fell back to the ground, yet the planes could fly for long distances without falling. I learnt of fluid mechanics, the fundamental unit that handles aircraft flight ability.

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The girl at the Camp

At the camp, I came across a girl whom I never liked. She was the only lady in the camp, which consisted of several boys. I could not simply understand why a girl could be brave and daring enough to attend a flight camp. She was very confident and composed in the way she talked and to my surprise she did not like me too. She proved herself very competitive in the ways she handles and reacted to the discussions we had concerning aircrafts. The camp ended, she came out with a silver wing, and I became second. We later became best of friends and shared similar inspirations concerning airplanes. She told all that she knew about the topic, and I did the same. To me, she was the best friend I ever came a cross. She was willing to encourage me and tell me stories on my best topic, which many of my friends had always avoided.

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I believe that I can do excellently well in an airplane course if given an opportunity in your college. I will confidently exploit my skills and talents in the course. I will be glad when I have aircraft remain my daily tool in the future.

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