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Dental School Personal Statement

My earliest impression of dentistry was formed through my closeness with my grandmother and her dentist. He had various cool gadgets and teeth models and all my visits presented new opportunity to adventure. These earlier experiences motivated me to break away from the childhood stigma of dentistry. My passion for dentistry was further reinforced when I shadowed Doctor Jesse Zavala in Advent Dental in Chicago IL. During my time with him, I witnessed a number of complex procedures such as tooth crowning, dental implants, tooth bleaching and endodontic procedures. Though I was financially and racially disadvantaged, my dedication while in high school earned me a full scholarship in Montclair State University. I pursued a degree in Biology and Chemistry which gave me a solid background in sciences. I wish to further my career even beyond the dental school and pursue an oral and maxillofacial surgery residency program, if given another chance.

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I have had several chances of gaining first-hand experience in the dental career. This began during my days in a vocational high school when I dedicated myself to two years in dental assisting. It gave me the opportunity to shadow several dentists at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. During this period, I learnt the need for a well established relationship between any dentist and his/her patients based on trust and mutual respect. I have volunteered with Care One Nursing Home which taught me humility and selflessness. I gained a lot in terms of health care and patient management practices through my working at Jackson Park Hospital as a patient sitter. I also believe that any dentist needs some skills in business management. My Masters in Public Administration has provided me with an insight into the business practicalities of running a dental practice.

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Apart from academics, I have always had a strong passion to reach out to my fellow students and the community. I demonstrated this during my second year in the university as a member of Groove Phi Groove S. F.I, an organization with an important focus on the community. I participated in a number of the organization’s annual programs including Feed the Homeless and Walk for Breast Cancer. The other programs which greatly inspired me were, Walk for the Autism and various team leadership workshops. The workshops and the outreach community programs helped enhanced my leadership skills. This was further enhanced through serving in a number of positions and my membership to several organizations. While in high school, I served as the Vice President of Student Council which presented me with a chance to handle a number of challenges. I also joined the Health Occupation Students of America which helped sharpen my analytic and debate skills. My desire to help students inspired me to join the University Students Council and helped raise funds towards assisting the less fortunate students. I also served as Resident Assistant and orientation workshop leader, positions that gave me a chance to provide necessary orientation to new students joining the University.

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Being from a minority group (Hispanic), I stand a better chance of serving diverse communities. I believe that dentistry as a career will present me with a great chance to apply various scientific applications along with patient care. This will enable my manual skills be put into use. I also believe that dentistry is an ever expanding sector which provides endless opportunities for further study and specialization, something that is of great interest to me. I believe I have the eagerness to meet any challenges that I’m likely to encounter in my future dentistry career. I am enthusiastic, excited and motivated, and armed with enough compassion and confidence to enter the world of dentistry. I believe that securing a chance in the dental school will allow me to make thorough contributions both in the U.S.A and developing countries.

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