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Veterinary Medical Profession

“Do not for one repulse forgo the purpose you resolved to effect.” This is a quote by William Shakespeare meaning that what one desires to fulfill in his or her life should always be ones priority and never allow drawbacks to stop the desire. It has been my soul’s desire to become a veterinary doctor since my childhood due to my close association with pets and love for animals. Veterinary medicine is a science course, just like human medicine, that deals with medical, surgical and therapeutic principles to non-human beings. These include wildlife, domestic animals such as livestock, pets and working animals like donkeys and camels. Generally, veterinary is a course that is concerned with attending animals with the intention of treating them or checking their health. Veterinarians, who are the practitioners of veterinary medicine, are normally qualified professionals with advanced education. This profession is not only important to animals but also to human beings as it boosts human health through monitoring and control of zoonotic disease. Actually, veterinary medical profession is a field that commands respect in developed countries just like human medicine.

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During my years in elementary school I liked pets very much. I had strong passion for small animals which matched my tender age. This may have happened subconsciously since I was a child but I will admit that our stay in Pennsylvania was marked with many puppies because my parents had realized that they were a source of solace to me. The most disheartening period was when my puppy would fall sick. My mother once found me praying for Walker, my favorite puppy, after it started to drool and could not eat anything. Having seen my woe, my mother took walker to a veterinary doctor and after a few days walker was well again. Though still young, this is the day I made my mind to become a veterinary doctor just like the lady who had given life to my pet, so that I could take care of animals. Although I did not know what it entailed to become a medical doctor, I studied very hard with optimism of becoming a veterinary doctor one day.

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When I completed my high school level, I requested my parents to enroll me in a veterinary school, but they didn’t want to hear it. They forced me to join a building construction school to study site engineering. After a term of three months, I became a truant because my passion for veterinary was still fresh in mind. My parents took me for career guidance but it was no use, my desire remained the same and nothing could stop me from becoming a veterinary doctor. As it is said that persistence wears out resistance, my parents finally gave me the consent to go and study veterinary medicine, at Colorado States University (CSU). I knew that is what I wanted but my dad started rationalizing that the university was quite far from home. I suggested that I could live in a hostel situated in California, so as to make my commuting to the university easier. That idea forced me to migrate to California to be closer to CSU Veterinary School. I felt that my ambition of holding the highest docket in veterinary medicine was beckoning, the moment I got admitted as a first year in the university to study veterinary medicine.

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My first day with the lecturer made me feel that I had been through all that he taught. I was fond of using search engines to get information concerning veterinary medicine before joining the university and this made me more acquainted with what lecturers were teaching. I longed for practical lessons but my tutor told me that I could not attend practical until I was a second year student. Anxiety literally took me away from reality because I had even started referring myself as a doctor when introducing myself to other people. In my socialization circles I started to make contacts with doctors, who were endowed in veterinary skills and they could give me jobs to carry their equipments when attending clients. In my third year, I had come into contact with enough challenges in the profession and the most encouraging thing is that I always overcame them. My joy was that I had lived to be what I wanted and practiced veterinary, although with the help of someone else.

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Regular practice was boring because it never caught us unaware since we had enough time to prepare and hardly did we forget anything. I was in charge of keeping equipments and carrying them when we had a case to respond to. By the time I finished my course, I was more of a seasoned veterinary doctor with substantial knowhow on veterinary medicine practice. After my final year, I had to attend an institution where I was to do my internship in order to be registered as a full veterinary doctor. I am currently interning at Inland Valley Emergency Pet Clinic (IVEPC) in Upland, California. I want to gain experience in small animal’s emergency veterinary practice. So far I have learnt that emergency care is different from routine veterinary medicine because we receive calls from clients when we least expect to go and treat their animals. More so, some of the clients’ descriptions of the conditions of their pets’ conflict with the presumptions we have. Consequently, in many cases of emergency we are forced to carry the pet to our work place for further treatment. Most of these cases are the ultimate measure of one’s qualification because, they test one ethics. I have been called several times while celebrating and because it is my work I always find it honorable to leave fun and attend my client’s case.

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My dream is to become the director of pets’ care in the country one day and ensure that animals have access to quality medical services just like human beings. My goal is to achieve the best in my veterinary practice and ensure that I give solution to every problem that comes my way. I derive satisfaction from saving animals’ lives and this brings me closer to attaining my life goal of being a part of solution rather than part of the problem. I would be glad if you grant me admission in your school so that I can make my childhood dreams to be one of the best veterinary doctors in the country a reality.

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