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Personal Statement of Goals and Objectives

My interest in medical patient care, began way back when I was a small child. I have always fancied watching medical work. I have also come to find my purpose through this humbled act of serving other people. Taking care patients and people that are weak, or cannot help themselves works for me well. It brings the feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. The thought that I can help another person get better gives me the zeal to wake up another day. I like seeing the smile on a person’s face once they have recovered.

When I was a child, I often went to hospital and clinics to observe doctors on duty in my neighborhood. This contributed to a great extent in my enthusiasm in patient care. My exposure to the health profession began while working with poor population during my early school years. In school, I would participate in health care camps such as polio eradication camp. These camps were organized by the high school teachers along with local health care providers. During these health camps, I had ample opportunity to observe the doctors and their associates utilizing their knowledge and skills to improve a patient’s health. As a result, I have acquired keen interest in health sciences and wanted to be a health care provider (Achuleta).

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This interest continually grew with time that climaxed with my joining college, to do medical course. In 2005, I joined Kasturba Medical College in Karnataka, India. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Medical and Surgical Science. My five year medical college and internship experience solidified my interest in patient care. In my medical college experience, there were many instances when I strongly felt that my thoroughness, willingness, hard work and devotion improved the situation. However, with commitment, enthusiasm and sociability, I managed to succeed and graduate.

In 2007, my family and I moved to the United States. While in the United States, my passion for medical practice did not burn out despite working as a sleep study technician. While in this career, I had the chance to explore various health care career options. I learnt more about patient care, and health care environment in the United States. This played a significant role in my endeavor to work as a medical practitioner.

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Enrollment in physician assistant Program is a crucial career decision in my life. I am convinced that I am eligible candidate for the physician assistant program. As a medical college graduate, I am prepared for this program. Coupled with advanced knowledge, and practical experience from my previous work places, am determined to work my best to deliver exceptional medical services. During this program, am anticipating learning more on health care practices in the United States. My goals include advancing my knowledge and skills of health care sciences through physician assistant program. I wish to use my skills and knowledge to prevent disease and promote health in the nation (Renfro 2010). I have always worked with a tight schedule of classes, attending lab sessions, working in clinical, and volunteering in camps. With my enthusiasm in service and learning, I have managed to pull through successful. Hence, am sure to execute my duties and responsibilities while in the physical assistant program.

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Becoming an influential medical practitioner in the area of medical and surgical science is a dream come true. Moreover, being an integral part of a medical team and providing care to the patients will make me happy. In addition, my joy will be made complete when I see patients recovering from illnesses and resuming their normal lives. This will be a perfect opportunity for me to provide proper patient care. An intense physician assistant program will contribute to my vision and ability to deliver best possible care to the patient, and am highly prepared and excited to join physician program. Excellent patient care is my way of achieving personal satisfaction.

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