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Problems are a part of life, but initiating best solutions for problems refers to smart minds. Hence, intelligent actions/techniques with the backing of rich experience to resolve problems of life denote heuristics. There are several well and less known heuristic techniques which help in resolving the problems. From those techniques such as availability heuristics and representativeness heuristics are commonly practiced.

Availability Heuristics

Availability heuristic refers to the state of mind where a person thinks and decides with the available experience or information.

For instance, when someone discusses the affects of cigarette on life spam, he/she will reply based on his/her available experience or information. Thus, if his/her health is good with three packs of cigarettes a day, he/she would definitely say that it is okay to have a cigarette every day. However, it does not reflect the fact; this notion represents only one person who is thinking with limited approach.

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Representativeness Heuristics

Representativeness heuristic refers to the state of mind where a person resembles or matches some problem/situation with similar other problem/situation.

For instance, when someone interacts with two or three workers of an office and finds the same rational behavior of each one, he/she certainly makes an idea of healthy and productive environment at the office due to the representation of workers he/she met.

Similarities and Differences

There are two major similarities between availability and representative heuristics. First one is that both heuristic techniques depend on personal real-time experience. Secondly, both techniques have very same process of observation and identification of problem.

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The two differences between availability and representative heuristics are: a) availability heuristic technique depends on historic experience and representativeness heuristic depends on present experience; b) the first technique looks for available experience and the second one looks for real-time experience.

To conclude, problems are an integral part of our everyday life, but so as to find appropriate solutions for them a person has to obtain smart minds’ way of thinking. So, it has been concluded by the examination of heuristics that best solution can only be taken by realistic and comprehensive understanding of the problems.

The advantage of heuristics is that it makes the experiences and observations available. On the other hand, limitation of heuristics to make judgments shrinks the wisdom if a person does not posses complete information and detailed experience

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