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Love, Anger and Jealousy

The duty of the assignment is to select three of the given feelings and discuss the positive and negative attributes or rather behaviors associated with each of the chosen feeling. The next step will be to expound on the different environments upon which this feelings could be observed, the long-term psychological effects that the feeling could impact on individual.

In order to evaluate these feelings completely, a part of the assignment would be involved with deciding the most powerful feeling and giving reasons for this chosen feeling. Moving forward, I will illustrate how co-workers exhibit these feelings towards each other. In the last part of the assignment, the task would entail describing the similarities exhibited by these three feelings that were previously chosen and then provide a recommendation on the importance of carrying out the exercise to the psychologists as well the importance of studying human behavior and emotions.

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The three feelings that I choose to tackle are: love, anger and jealousy. According to Oxford English dictionary (1989), Love is defined as an intense affection and passion or warmth for another person. Anger is defined as an immense feeling of discontentment or enmity towards others while jealousy refers to a condition upon which there is a sense of fear, doubt or covertness caused by a real or imagined threat to one’s possessive intuitions. I selected the above three feelings because I felt that they are experienced much more by each and every human being. Unlike other feelings, love, anger and jealousy are experienced since the inception of someone’s life. Small children show love, anger and even jealousy but you would not expect a small child to demonstrate aggression.

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A positive behavior that results from love is definitely friendship and companionship (Garlikov, 2010). When two or more people are said to love each other it basically means that the two always feel comfortable in the presence of one another and they will therefore display this by forming an alliance. Although love is always perceived to a positive thing, it can sometimes lead to negative behavior like obsession in the sense that either of the two develops a craving into a negative desire altogether.

In some cases anger is used as a tool of positive energy to steer composure and openness amongst individuals. It’s said that when you aspire to make a speech its best delivered when one is angry. Despite this positive energy, anger is mostly considered as having a wounding effect upon someone’s life. It always portrays negative reactions that lead to intolerance and a great deal of insecurity that is basically unattractive to fellow human beings.

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Jealousy results into hatred that further transform into enmity. This behavior is always associated with envy that results from negative competition between any two or more individuals. Jealousy is the most fundamental component associated with negative kind of relationships.

Love is an intimate feeling that is experienced by human beings whenever they feel appreciated for positive things they have done. Accomplices may also applause each other for the wrongdoings they have committed, this might well be considered as a gesture of love: perhaps negative kind of love. Love portrays positivity amongst individuals and therefore the long term psychological effect is great deal of satisfaction as well as appreciation of simple things (Nath, 2008).

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Anger finds it way into relationships when an individual’s desire has been compromised and neglected. A teacher may get angry when he or she feels that the student has not done to his or her expectations. The desire of the teacher to get his or her plan running smoothly has been compromised by the student and that leads to the teacher expressing anger. Friends express anger more often than enemies since it’s with friends that desirability is developed and respected and any form of disrespect triggers anger. The long term psychological effect associated with anger is negative attitude towards people which may end up in stereotyping. Someone will always associate certain people with a different kind of behavior.

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When friends that have known each other for a very long time are separated due to change in social class, the individuals in the lower status quo develops fear and doubt about the successful individual. This mixed reaction eventually develops into envy that becomes the fundamental trait in human beings which displays jealousy. The long term psychological effect associated with these feeling is negative competition and loss of resources especially when someone indulges himself in trying to prove he that is able financially.

As far I am concerned, Love I the most powerful of all the feelings that I chose. It’s also a motivator in the sense that when someone displays affections and appreciation towards others it would basically lead to the latter commencing with his or her efforts to perform to the best of his or her ability in order to receive the appraisals and recognition in the future. It’s said that when someone expresses love to his or her enemy he or she becomes weak and therefore implicating that love reduces the chances of him or her harming others altogether.

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Love, anger and jealousy are similar in the sense that one may subsequently lead to the other. For instance, when two individuals are friends, it means that they love and appreciate each other. It also means that each of the friends will act towards respecting each others desires. When of them decide to go against this commitment and in fact disrespect the other’s desire it would lead to anger which when not controlled will make things worse and may lead to fights and enmity. Enmity, as discussed earlier, is the end result of jealousy, so in one way or another each of these feelings if not limited becomes so dangerous. The differences between these three feelings arise out of the fact that the society perceives them differently. For instance love is perceived as the source of all the good things in life while anger and jealousy are attributed as vices that should n be shunned by any individual of the society. Individuals with these feelings are always discriminated upon by other members of the society. Social psychologists should always thrive to study human behavior so as to get a deep insight that would explain the reason as to why people behave the way they do and also for the purpose of expounding on both positivity and negativity of different human traits. The major reason that psychologists study emotions and behavior is for the purpose of creating awareness of the existence of different traits and it’s out of this awareness that people may be able to practice tolerance when dealing with such individuals.

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