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Mob Mentality

A person’s mind in mob strives according to the surrounding environment. In psychological hypothesis, mob mentality denotes to a person’s efforts to correspond to the rabble actions. For instance, when a person anticipates in ordered or disordered group of persons, he/she actually delicates his/her individuality and involves him/her with the surrounding environment. Thus, missing individuality refers to the mob mentality (Benson, 2010).

What dynamics are exhibited by term mob mentality?

Mob mentality has been elucidated as lost of individuality. Therefore, the dynamics exhibited by the term mob mentality are high emotions, keen involvement in group activities, anonymity, loss of individuality, and dispersion of individual responsibilities.
So, it is clear that in a group of persons, if an individual losses his/her individuality, he/she will be considered as having the mob mentality. Furthermore, mob mentality brings a person into a very precise sate of mind. In this mentality everyone is just a part of ordered or disordered group of people. Precisely a mind controlled by the surrounding environment is the basic dynamic of the term mob mentality.
How does the mood of the group influence the members involved?
The mood of the group influences each single member involved, because the intensity of emotions as well as emotional affiliation to the group activity embark the individuals for joining the group. So, emotional affiliation with the group endeavors is the major influential element for members to join in.
For instance, the news analysis “The Psychology of Mob Mentality” presented the best examples of the group mood influence on the members involved. In this piece of news, defeat of Vancouver Canucks in Stanley Cup urged the Canadians to come out and riot on the roads. Moreover, in the news analysis the basic cause behind the Canadians riot were examined as well. And, the similar to the prior examined in this essay outcomes were found. These are emotion contagion, deindividuation, and diffusion of responsibility (Dialogic, 2011).
Thus, the basis of mode mentality is vitality of group actions as well as the emotional affiliation of participants.
Is this always a negative, or can the group influence the individual in a positive manner as well?
In the mob activities exampled above, it almost always possess negative influences. However, not all group activities contain negative influence. On macro level, there are several mob activities which have been used by the individuals in a positive manner. For instance, in history there are several mob activities that were conducted for freedom or revolution. These mob activities eventually end up with the positive achievement. Therefore, it entirely depends on the intentions of the group of people involved.
Describe a specific example of how a group’s mentality might positively influence the individuals that comprise it.
We have several examples that give us model of positive influence of the group’s mentality on individuals that comprise it. A very common example is when individuals unite and fight for reforms in the society they live in. It will definitely positively influence the individuals that comprise it. We can get several positive examples of social reforms from our history. One very prominent example of it is the Great French Revolution.
To conclude, in the course of the essay the events have been examined in reference to the mob mentality. Thus, after a comprehensive analysis, it is obvious that a person’s mind in mob strives according to the surrounding environment. At the same time, it is also revealed that mob mentality could have not only negative but also positive outcomes. 

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