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Motivation is the driving force that makes one to want to continue doing whatever he/ she is doing to a higher standard. It is an important aspect which has to be considered by the personnel department to ensure that the employees are satisfied to ensure the success of the organization. As the saying goes the higher the satisfaction the higher the performance. In order to be able to understand what is the driving force behind individuals’ satisfaction, various theories have been developed.

SAP being on of the largest companies’ developing business software has been recognized internationally for the ensuring that its staff is motivated and satisfied but it still has to come up with creative methods to maintain the motivation. One of the theories of motivation is the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. As Drucker, 2007, puts it, there are needs which individuals want to achieve and these are the physiological, safety, social affliction, self esteem ands self actualization needs. By providing competitive salaries, SAP will ensure that the physiological needs can be satisfied. The competitive package also ensures that they will be able to maintain their properties and other assets to day, tomorrow and there after. Organization of team building events and other outdoor activities will ensure that the employees develop socially and are accepted among the colleagues. This results in a high self esteem of the individuals. Once this is achieved the individual will want to be doing what he believes he is capable of doing and is important and the management should provide for this option.

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Most people work to be able to meet their basic need. According to Bloisi, Cook Hunsaker, 2007, the place where one works has to be conducive and friendly. Money is a motivator but not the only one. This is evidenced by the fact that the top companies like Google, SAP, Microsoft all offer good salaries plus the working conditions and other benefits are just amazing. Almost all their employees stay because of both the money and the good working environment plus benefits other benefits.

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