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How Does Video Gaming Effect Human Behavior

On this essay, it will show; when the video games came into existence, how they were used, and the effects and causes they have on human beings either positively or negatively.   A video game is referred to as the electronic entertainment which has participation of human communication with the client interface so as to create illustration feedback on a video apparatus. The word video traditionally was known to be a bitmap display machine. Video games were played with electronic systems, which were known as platforms which included; video games comfort and personal computers. There were other   video games, for example, arcading games, which were used, before but they went declining slowly. Video games have now gone to the extent of becoming an art appearance and industry. Game controller is an input device or machine which is used to control video games, and they do vary (Smith Jonas &Tosca Susana 12).

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For example, a controller may just have a button and a direction control, while another feature may have a dozen switches and many direction control sticks.  In the early days, the personal computer games needed a game play and a keyboard altogether, or the user was required to buy a separate direction controller stick with at least one switch. Many modern computers have come in existence, and they do require only a mouse and a keyboard to be used concurrently. Video games normally use extra way of providing relativity and information to the person who is playing them (Fujishin 89).


Video games and computers were there from long time ago. However, today the video games have become more difficult and attractive. The technology has gone further to a point where the person who is playing the game can become absorbed in a multimedia-enabled ‘alternate world’.  Video games are extremely enjoyable entertainment devices, but they can have both positive and negatives effects on human beings. In the real sense, they have they have many negative effects, and mostly on the young people. Video games can affect human beings in the following ways; there are violent video games and people are concerned that they become violent.

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A study has been done, and evidence has been shown that the violent video games can raise aggressive behavior of someone. They can reduce the helping behavior where people are likely to help each other, raise aggressive behavior, and can also raise the physiological provocation of someone. These effects already appear to be strong in young people who are already aggressive. It has been taken into account that violent video games have caused increased aggressive behavior. This is shown by how young people get into physical fights or argue with their teachers in school nowadays. Desensitization to violence has also been seen to be part of the problem. This is because people are seeing violence as normal because there are some video games where people are rewarded after doing violent actions (Great Britain & Culture, Media and Sport Committee 78).

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Video games can make people live online throughout their life. Some online games can make someone be stuck to their computers in the whole of their life, and these can have effects on them. A study has been done, and a conclusion has been that; most of the people who spend most of their time playing video games or computers do not perform well in school. Computer games may also lead to obesity because one spends hours stuck to the computer screen. One sits still and eats too much and does not do any exercise. It may also be most of the overweight children spend a lot of hours playing video games, and not being active on other areas.  Memory problem and luck of sleep can be caused by one playing an exciting video game before he goes to sleep. Some people are spoiling the gaming experience for other by cheating on online games, and it has become a problem (Silcox & Cogburn, 113).

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These video games have become an addiction to others. They have the urge of playing these video games, and a day cannot pass without. Some gamers report that they play these games so as to run away from their personal or family problems. Others have been reported to have neglected their families because they spend all their time playing theses video games, and do not have the time to look after their families. Sitting on the workstation for too long can cause repetitive strain injury.  These video games can also have positive effects on human beings too. People get serious fun while playing these video games, playing computer games improves one’s hand-eye coordination because they use them concurrently, they even improves people’s eyesight. Other video games provide some physical activity for people like those with dancing games and a wireless remote provide some exercise. One being an upstanding gamer feels self-esteemed for some young people. Other games require one to solve some problems, and this provides mental inspiration for someone. Playing these video games with a friend leads to an enjoyable social interaction. People communicate with others all over the world through these online games (Berger 56).

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Video games are extremely enjoyable, and a way of relaxing one’s mind if one is stressed up or is extremely tired, and needs to relax his or her mind. One should enjoy while playing these games. However, one should try to choose the games which are not violent, and should not be stuck to their computers for too long while playing these games. They should go outside for regular exercise. 

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