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How to Boost your Self-Confidence in a Week

Many people would say they lack confidence to do certain things or be involved in particular situations. For example, large sections of people lack confidence when given tasks they believe are beyond their capabilities. Public speech is one of the most common challenge that many feel require self confidence. Self confidence has been defined in many ways. In many cases, self confidence is the assurance that you are able to do the task and do it well. It is the belief in one’s ability to face challenges and surmount them in spite of inherent fears and uncertainties. Nevertheless, it is crucial for success in life and this makes it of immense value to everyone with an intention of living a victorious life. With self confidence one is able to lead and inspire the same positive attributes in others. In like manner, facing a panel of interviewers requires this vital aspect of human character. It is important to have self confidence at all times and this essay will show you how to attain confidence in your own capabilities and self. However, this essential attribute takes time to cultivate despite its paramount significance in our daily life. The good news is that it is possible to nurture this indispensable trait within a week.

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Prior to beginning the exercises of building self confidence, it is vital that you plan to conduct them within your schedule (Mackay 258). One can use the daily activities in work, school or at home to incorporate the confidence building actions and behavior appropriately. This will ensure the tasks do not interfere with the normal routine. Even more important, it would ensure that self confidence is built around the same areas that one feels uncertain and less confident. Planning will involve taking note of where you are currently and where you want to be. 

Take stock

It is imperative to first take stock of the achievements one has attained in the recent past. This should be within the last six months, or one year for those with a shorter list. Consider the areas that you believe you made strong impact and the areas that you feel you did not live up your standard. This is vital in illustrating areas that will late require input and focus. Building up sections that you feel need improvements will boost your confidence in your ability to perform tasks related to them and enhance your self confidence (Sellars 24). At the same time, the list of positive results will go a long way in illustrating your capabilities and pointing out your strong areas. This exercise will help develop one of the most critical parts of self confidence known as self efficacy. This refers to the capacity one has in learning different knowledge areas, skills, and abilities, and mastering these in the face of numerous setbacks. Self efficacy is the belief that one can effectively succeed in light of setbacks. Looking at the past success will rekindle the faith in your ability to achieve success irrespective of the difficulties involved and the magnitude of the tasks’ requirements.

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Your strengths and weakness

Consider the skills you required to perform well in the successful areas and the ones you missed in the failed areas. From this simple exercise you will be preparing yourself to meet the requirements of the tasks you feel less confident about. Most people feel insure about themselves because of lack of adequate preparation for the tasks ahead. This will eliminate this barrier to self-confidence and further prepare you for success in these endeavors. For a solid and enduring confidence in self to evolve, it is vital for one to have a true perception of reality (Mackay 43). There are things we may be extremely poor doing, whereas there are other tasks we may excel with little efforts while others find them daunting (Ursiny 46).

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Face your fears

            Consider the people you respect who are sure about themselves. There are certain behaviors associated with confident people that you will need to acquire. One of the most important step out of the doldrums of anxiety, shyness and a general lack of surety is to face up to the things that intimidate you. Without doubt, this makes all tasks that seemed overwhelming previously; begin to look comfortable and easy. List the activities that you would love to do, which you have not done because of lacking self confidence (Mackay 35). Without giving an excuse, set a time to perform at least two of these tasks each day of this week. This can be calling someone you have feared to contact in the past, owning up to some mistakes or even delivering small speeches among your group of friends and workmates. A daily battle with your fears will leave them growing smaller by the day, while your confidence grows stronger with each passing challenge.

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            Relax whenever you face the task ahead of you and do not allow the doubts to creep in to your thoughts. Take things less seriously and ensure your state of mind is light about them, without making them seem too big or difficult. Create a routine of positive self talk throughout out the day (Sellars 69). Ensure that all negative self talk are effectively countered and erased by positive description of self your abilities. During every session this week ensure, you concentrate on your positive attributes and remind yourself of using these traits to benefit other people around you.

Assume the characteristic traits of a confident person. Be outgoing and never fear from facing people in public. Take front seat rows in public gatherings and ensure you take the chance to address a small group of new people each time you have the chance (Sellars 24). Many people who lack confidence cannot face people especially in public places and this exercise would help you overcome these fears. Begin with the first chance you have this week and try this at least thrice. Moreover, appear confident and sure of yourself with and assuring demeanor. A cheerful disposition will add to the way people warm up to you, and further attract positive attention (Ursiny 46).

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            The essence of self confidence in life is evident in the many scenarios of its application in our daily life. Whether it in dating, a job interview, a conversation with a prospective customer, facing life’s challenges, it is extremely crucial for one to have self confidence. The essay demonstrates how you can achieve this in a relatively short time. A week of practice and reminding yourself of your innate abilities is sufficient to keep you aware of your strengths and the capacity you have to further build your self-esteem. It would be of extreme benefit to keep up with this routine as part of your daily habit. Never let the fire diminish but keep fanning it with new and creative ideas to keep you self confidence soaring for a life time as you strive towards your dreams.

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