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Relaxing is the Key to Overcoming Stress

Stress can affect just about anyone and it varies in degree from person to person and the causes are also as diverse. If I had a friend who came to me saying that she had stress and needed my help, I would do my best to assist her get back on her toes. There are many ways one can beat stress before it escalates to a level that would need professional medical care or the services of a psychiatrist.

I would advice my friend to take it easy and have a lot of rest including sleep. Rest makes someone relax and remain calm no matter the situation and may come in handy in making her relax. It is also important that a person with stress eats a healthy balanced diet to assist them to have the energy the body needs for proper functioning. She should also engage in an exercise regime of her choice. Research has shown that exercise assists the body to release the hormone that brings about a feeling of happiness called endorphins (Hockenbury, 2010). Exercise also helps the body to become and remain strong and healthier assisting in cutting down stress levels.

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Relaxing is the key to overcoming stress. An activity like assisting those in need in form of charity work or lending a hand in an animal shelter would make one relax. Studies have shown that the interaction between people and animals is a type of pet therapy that is good in assisting stressed people. Volunteer work is beneficial for both those who are being helped and those who are offering the assistance. Besides asking her to get involved in the above exercises, I would keep her company to keep an eye on her to ensure she remains in a good health. I would also ensure that she keeps away from all the things that may be triggering the stress levels. It is easy to do this if the affected person opens up and talks about what was affecting them.

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