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Many experts nowadays disagree about the main causes for the recent significant increase of autism spectrum disorders. This is part of the reason why there is a need for population profile to better understand the extent this condition has breached communities in the United States. Autism spectrum disorders refer to the impairments that people, mostly children, have with social reciprocity, communication, and stereotyped behavior, as well as, restricted interests. The increased prevalence rates over the recent years appear to be due to the greater awareness people have about the disease in general (Kim, 2011). The public has not paid enough attention to the topic.

Economic conditions influencing autism

The key areas given concern in the population profile will include the birth rates within United States for children with the condition. This also includes how recent economic periods in the country have affected the birth rate. Giving birth during recessions and unstable economic situation entails stress. Research suggests that offspring of mother experiencing high levels of stress during their pregnancy are more likely to have problems in their neurobehavioral development such as autism and ADHD.  However, women are not as likely to have high birthrates during economic stress periods such as the recent recession.

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For example, data that was collected during the recent recession revealed that Washington, DC had quite a low birth rate in the country for the reason that women preferred to put off having children while the economic situation in the country was still weak. According to preliminary data, the number of births has dropped by about five births per thousand since 2007 when the recession began (Tavernise, 2011).

This data is not as common for autism research, however the more fascinating is the fact that owing to the economic hardships and unstable financial situation the number of discoveries also increases, as well as the number of autism spectrum disorders did. Thus, the target population should fit the description of a group suffering from economic stress.

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Age selection

The other field of interest would be to create an appropriate profile one must know what to look for when carrying out a research. Studies, taken before, claim population of children within the ages of 3 to 10 to be a target of such researches (Bertrand, 2001). The study uses an active case-finding source. These included investigation of records from the local clinics, special education records, lists from the local communities and parent groups, as well as, evidence of families that volunteered to participate in the research.

Thus, a person conducting research should study the prehistory of the subject within the immediate vicinity to get a better picture of the situation. The results of this study showed that there are more cases of autism in children of this age group in the township than in any other area of the country. However, this is probably because such studies have not been conducted in the other areas. Some questions may be addressed to the representatives of the community-profiling projects, later they can become the basis for testing and the clues for better understanding the disease nature, also they can be used for screening purposes.

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Biological characteristics of patients

Thus, the chemical nature of patients should be distinct and part of the profiling. A study was taken according to all these issues; it was found that the majority of the patients have a high level of zinc and copper in their blood (Walsh, Usman, and Tarpey, 2001). It is higher than the usual level found in the blood of healthy people. Thus, autism patients tend to suffer from a metal metabolism disorder. Hospitals would come in handy in screening and grouping of these patients using chemical screening.

At the same time, it happens to be a lifelong condition. Being of such nature, it would only need one accurate diagnosis during a person’s lifetime (Buckley, 2006).Therefore, it would be sound to ask whether there is a model; one can follow to estimate diagnosis rates. This follows the assumption that most people suffering from the condition would get a diagnosis; it is probable that the pattern would be stable.

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Academic profiling

As part of the profiling process, activities would target certain populations such as children of school-going age. This would also include the academic profiling. As a result, students attending school and having disabilities would have an individualized academic plan that supervises many things such as when and where the students would receive their instruction. Therefore, the attendance regularity would be an interesting topic to perceive their attitudes.

However, it is interesting to note that there are more children with disabilities than without attending regular school today. In the case of autism, it is quite different because fewer of them attend regular schools. At the same time, autistic students are more likely to be put in a private setting (Sanford, Levine, and Blackorby, 2008). Thus, we should ask the question; how much of the autistic population are students under private tuition? This perpetuates the premise that autism is a disease of the rich, as the rich parents take their children for private instruction, while the parents with average income probably have no choice concerning taking their children for private tuition.

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Thus, private learning institutions would become a part of the research. Special education for children with disabilities can also be interesting for the testing. The students should be mixed with the whole class and study in the same environment. The autistic issue receives attention when it comes to taking tests, and there is an extra time allocation.

Criminal tendencies

On the other hand, they have propensities to become violent, and, thus, have more percentages in behavior management programs. This brings the last profiling activity to criminals and how many of them within that given community exhibit criminal tendencies. There have been studies on this aspect asking whether they are born with such propensities, or their environments contribute.

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In this way, two questions can be added to the profile that is, “Whether student communities need further policing to cater for autistic students,” and, “Is it more widespread within some areas more than within others”. The profile should include academic assessment in studding the area, as well as, the policing and reactions issues. The other question is, “Whether the autistic population has a direct link with the criminal population.” 

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