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Explanation of the Poetry: Venison Stew - For Freeman House

Venison Stew-For Freeman House is a love poem that covers the parameter of an entire life through the eyes of a woman who is expressing her love through a brew of Venison Stew in a kitchen. This poem is a juxtaposition of realism and romanticism that expresses love over any other theme in the poem. The writer stressed on the sentiments and emotions and believed that these perceptions could only be well understood by the individuals experiencing them. While writing the poem, the poet came up with figures that were in most cases misunderstood and not accepted by the public who continued to trust in their own worth through their inner perceptions.

As a result, romanticism in this poem created a more identifiable heroic figure for the readers of the first time than the abstract classical heroes. Here, Freeman is not the hero but a simple person. Similarly, scenery was perhaps more interesting to the viewer at large when portrayed real places in an engaging manner. However, in this poem, realism can be defined in a number of ways, and most definitions describe its content. Realism developed alongside empiricism, individualism, humanism, and the bourgeoisie, and this perhaps explains why it shares several characteristics with the aforementioned. Realism relied on the beliefs in an objective reality that can be experienced by human senses and one that is made up of the infinity of unique people, objects, places, and actions. Realism, therefore, characteristically represented the happenings of particular events to individualized people in specific places at specific times.

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This poem has explored the views of both the Romantics and Realists and illustrated the sharp differences that were present in the way the two expressed themselves. The poem has also explored some popular Romantics imagery like “we saw a flock of two hundred geese” (p.35) even though it has the realist essence of lines like “spoons scraping the wooden bowls” (p.35). As shown in this poem, the views of Realists and Romantics differed in more ways than one. It is a confluence of both worlds and it is lovable all the way.

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