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Brazilian Immigrants

Immigration refers to the movement to a culture distinct to one's own, with intention of making the new culture a new home. Brazilians come to America due to varied reasons. Factors that contribute to such a move revolve on purpose, social class or support and relevant cohesive factors that will assist one fit in. Immigration can be informed by the desire to seek new opportunities an individual choice. It could also be buoyed by sufficient financial muscle and higher social class (Gallant, 2009) . Ethno linguistic vitality may combine to determine the destination and support its favorability.

In reviewing the immigration tendencies, it is imperative that one considers the kind of life they encounter upon reaching their destination. Most of the immigrants come from middle class family backgrounds (Kim 2002). The urge for gaining extra coins either to spend sends the highly or relatively educated Brazilians to America. They could be armed with sufficient money for their initial sustenance but the demands of life catch up with them. This forces women to take unrevered positions as maids, house helps, cooks or nannies with the most unlucky resorting to dancing in night clubs, a choice considered shameful among immigrants (Church, (1982). Men on the other hand tend to menial jobs as laborers, construction workers or bus boys in restaurants.

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By understanding what they do, we are in a position to elaborately determine whether they keep their status. Taking up jobs considered as lowly requires sufficient guts and thus they end up in a challenging and tasking environment where they have to work against all odds to make ends meet. As immigrants, they also need to establish a sense of pride and esteem. This they do successfully by comforting themselves that after all they are in a foreign land. The big question however is whether they have to fight a battle to keep their traditions and beliefs and if/when they do, which side wins? Remaining conservatively Brazilian might pose a challenge especially in a culture so domineering and elaborate as American and thus, discarding the Brazilian in them and assimilating the American culture to their practices takes the day.

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The initial notion elicited by the mention of Brazilians is an all fun society. Their culture has space for that but that does not de-value hard work as an avenue to greatness. Unlike the case on the ground, the media has portrayed Brazilians as less industrious but more of a partying lot known for lambada and samba dancing (Gallant, 2009). This is a stereotype. Due to much immersion in thee limelight of such portrayals, people have come to appreciate and expect them to be so. Less is considered of their football prowess. This is just one of the many of the misconceptions about the Brazilian immigrant, a reality check that they must live with and counter if need be.

In actual sense, Brazilians love their traditions and music. They also love to dance to the tune of their traditional dances and song genres (Church, 1982). Immigration and acculturation into the American culture doesn't offer such a specialty as far as music and entertainment is concerned. The question that arises therefore centers on the entertainment lifestyle that they adopt. The choice for many has over the years been a conservative move, choosing to keep to their musical notes and sticking their guns out. Even then, not all do subscribe to this as most are getting swayed by the talented pool of international musicians, led by America's greats, who have flooded the entertainment industry. This points not at rigidity but a flexibility that points out to other areas where Brazilian immigrants tend to get swayed.

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Initial examination leads to the intrigues of the choice of life. It is no secret that America has the best to offer in terms of choices and tastes. Do Brazilians have the money and the spending power to exploit this opportunity? Most Immigrants are vested with a certain purchasing power, limited by the kind of job they secure and money they came in with. In addition, they might have the guts to use the cash motivated by the fact that in America you are in a better position to get more (Kim 2002). Thus, their lifestyle can not be explained or conceived as squalid. They do have some reservations but not limited. Whereas at the time of entry the spending could be carefree, in the face of adversity and reality checks budgetary control is exercised. However, this, like earlier stated is not characteristic of Brazilian Immigrants but does affect even African Immigrants to the USA.

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The linguistic perspective provides yet another challenge. Most of the Immigrants hail from a former colony of the Portuguese. Their linguistic ability may be limited. Misconceptions show that most Americans believe that they are actually of Spanish descent, a factor that has never been true and thus the mannerisms of the Spanish do not apply to the definition of their traditions and values that most Brazilians still hold dear. The challenge and immediate culture-question is how they are going to integrate the essential modes of communication into their system. This is to ensure that they cohesively co-exist with others within their community. Purposely, learning of the language used especially within their area of residence becomes key, culminating in fluency in the language of the Americans. Linguistic adaptation points at an area of outmost importance and one that is considered essential in studying acculturation.

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A key aspect is the social integration. Do Brazilians feel to be part of the society? If they do what roles do they play? Indeed, once settled in the American soil, most Immigrants have been said to make acquaintances with their hosts. This is real as human beings are known to be social animals. Brazilians are no islands of plenty so much such that hey can exist on their own, especially in a society considered foreign. Following their acclimatization as good natured people, they have been reported to create friendships easier and their friendships to thrive for long, as compared to other immigrants into USA ().

Brazilians are known to preserve their cultural heritage. They receive accolades from all corners due to their ability to maintain pride in their cultural traditions and continued celebration of values and virtues that define them as Brazilian. Their music continues to thrive even outside their country. However, by maintaining closeness in a foreign land, like most immigrants have been known to do, they exchange even the latest in the music industry. In addition, the belief and motivation of Brazilians helps them keep their heads high even under the immediate threat of cultural exposure and competition.

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However, certain aspects of the Immigrants culture are obviously affected by the country switch. Food and nutrition is a key aspect (Desipio, 2002). The kind and quality of food available in America differs comparatively to that of Brazil, a nation still classified as developing. This will mean that Brazilian Immigrants will need to forge an extra mile and get them acquainted to the food available to them and satisfy their hunger lest they go hungry. The important notion here is not the food difference, but ht eating habits and timing of meals.

The dressing style of immigrants is also affected. With relative similarity between the trends in fashion and trends of clothing shared between the two, it becomes imperative that one switches to trends in the locality, with New York the reportedly notorious fashion adherents (Peggy 2007). This could be termed as a full immersion program, one in which one never waits for the trends but has the incentive to become a pace setter.

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America also has well tailored laws on relationships, gender roles and kinship ties (Peggy 2007). The rules inform a transformation and a shift from the predominantly patriarchal Brazilian society to a liberal society. This would mean a change in the lifestyle of couples with the male counterparts taking more roles as opposed to the Brazilian family landscape. Faced with such laws, marriage enters a new dimension. This could also mean reprieve for women as most opt out of such marriages due to their protection by the law once in the USA (Balderstone, 2000). In addition, the family institution is also challenged. Americans ideals about family, morality and emphasis on materialism prompt sexual permissiveness and attack the family institution. This could mean a devaluation of family ideals.

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The reception and perception the Immigrants receive also matters. It therefore is important to note that they do not remain comfortable with the maxim they face and exude a determination to challenge the conception. By holding their heads high, they remain focused on the ideals that define them as humans as yet and capable of doing that which any other person can do if not more. Consequently, they end up working their socks off and maintaining and uplifting their ability and perfect their skills in all which they do.

To conclude, not all Immigrants from Brazil find life in America to be a bed of roses. Most get depressed as soon as their first month with the extremely affected going back home due to frustration (Peggy 2007). Evidently, lack of appreciation of the distinct cultures one is facing coupled by the long time one requires to change and/or adapt are major factors that promote the death of the Immigration trial. Equipping Immigrants with the dilemmas of moves and changes with culture therefore remains a crucial element that can aid a successful immigration move.

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