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Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is an American Comedy-drama series produced by Amy Sherman-Palladino. The series follows a single mother known as Graham and her daughter Bledel living in the imaginary English town Stars Hollow. Gilmore Girls is a show that describes various aspects of culture through popular cultural references incorporated in the play. It uses various objects to portray significant meaning through out the plot of the story. The series also utilizes dialogue and descriptive language to elucidate various issues in real life (Michael, 2009).

Objects and their significant meanings in the play

Gilmore Girls uses objects to portray various meanings and intentions in life. Rory's bracelet, coffee, Luke's hat and sprinklers are used in the series to show deeper emotions and feelings.

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Rory's bracelet

Rory's bracelet has been shown several times in the series to portray emotions and true feelings. At the begging of Season On, it is presented as a birthday present and symbolizes the beginning of their relations. The bracelet is thus a symbol of relationships that are prevalent in real life situations. The bracelet reveals various issues that surround love and relationship matters in life. For instance, the characteristic absence of the bracelet in two episodes and the fact that Rory is oblivious of that fact raises doubts in Dean's mind as to whether Rory really cares of the relationships. In addition, it renders Dean worried and annoyed after she realizes that Rory is not wearing the bracelet. The bracelet is in fact a symbol of their relationship as revealed by Rory's search for the bracelet to salvage their relationship (Michael, 2009).

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Coffee is another object that reveals deeper meanings and emotions in the series Gilmore Girls. Coffee has been used to symbolize the feelings that different characters have for others in the series. Throughout the drama, coffee has been used by various characters to signify their attraction for others and as a link between them and their admirers. For instance, Lorelai claims that she wants some coffee while in the real sense it is the man that is supplying the coffee that she wants. Coffee also signifies various love moods in the show. Luke tends to become rude when she realizes that Lorelai is in love with Max. This shows that an object in real life can reveal an individual's mood in response to a particular situation. This is clearly shown when Luke offers free coffee to every customer after Sookie reveals to him of Lorelai and Max's breakup (Michael, 2009).

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Luke's Hat and sprinkler

Luke's Hat has been used as an object symbolizing his relationship with Lorelai. In season one, Lorelai presents Luke with a new hat that is blue in color to replace his old hat. This shows that an object can be used to reveal one's love to another person. It also shows that people in love always desire the best for their lovers. The gift of the new hat signifies that Lorelai is unhappy with Luke's old hat and believes that Luke deserves a better treat (Michael, 2009).

The sprinkler appearing in Season Three is another symbol revealing emotions and feelings in Gilmore Girls. In Episode Five, it signifies the love that Jess has for Rory. When Rory waters the garden for the neighbor, his tight schedule allows the sprinkler to be on for short intervals. Rory asks for help from Dean after she is unable to turn off the sprinkler. Jess intends walks by and helps her switch it off. After Jess assists Rory in turning off the sprinkler, he realizes that Rory had already summoned Dean to come. To prevent a bitter confrontation, Jess switches the sprinkler on so that Dean can come and switch it on. This is because Jess knows that Dean is suspicious of their relationship with Rory. This episode shows that people should behave wisely in certain situations to prevent unnecessary scenes. It also shows that an object can be used to signify love between two persons. Another lesson from this episode is that pays to prevent the outcome of unknown event. Jess avoided the confrontation between him and Dean because he was not sure of the consequences of the event. At the end, he salvaged his relationship with Rory (Michael, 2009).

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Politeness is depicted in various instances in the show. Politeness is shown by several communications that take place throughout the novel. Rory communicates politely with both Dean and Jess in Season three because she is in needs to have the sprinkler switched off. The show reveals that politeness is a general phenomenon found in the context of pragmatics and sociolinguistic but also within intercultural and cross-cultural communication. The show reveals that demonstration of politeness is highly culture-specific because polite behavior is different in various parts of the world. Among the pragmatists the common view is that politeness is used to reduce direct utterances by emphasizing on sustaining harmonious relationship. Additionally, being polite is often regarded as a virtue that promotes the cooperative ambiance of human communication. Politeness should thus be viewed as a conversational plan with context-based illocutions of its own and not as an intrinsic trait of character or culture. Politeness thus can be mediated in several ways within the pragmatic structure. Indirect speech acts as habitually regarded polite while direct acts as inferred as polite only in some rare occasions (Watts 55).

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Inference and implicative

Gilmore Girls depict various rules and regulations portrayed by various characters. There are some occurrences and regularities that cannot be determined by explicit rules or guiding principles. The show reveals that it is important to recognize to the likely effect of utterances on the hearer.  Thus in order to communicate effectively, it is important to predict the listener's ability to decode the forthcoming message (Watts 20). In episode five of season three, Rory predicts that Dean would decode the paged message that she sends to her. The show also describes the importance of communication. The process of inference is influenced by implied conversational factors. Additionally, when the message is just implied through conventional and conversational implicative, the elucidation relies solely on extra linguistic aspects. Conversation at all times needs a setting for its execution, that is physical and social environment with a given set of parties involved. The role of context is important in comprehending people's linguistic behavior due to the source of variety of messages sent. These sources of variations could be physical conditions, informal rules, formality, social settings and prospects. An individual requires adequate knowledge of the entire language scene in order to make suppositions beyond the level of words and statements (Watts 15).

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The show Gilmore Girls portrays various issues that are present in the modern day world. The show reveals various applications of an object to portray a feeling or a thought. Various objects have been used to portray various issues in the play. The most common ones are: bracelet, coffee, hats and the sprinkler that have been used to portray love and emotional feelings among the characters. The objects have also been used to reveal individual's response towards certain situations in real life. Coffee has been used as an object portraying annoyance towards another person's behavior. The show has also revealed the importance of communication and the best ways of conveying messages to one another. It has revealed the importance of predicting the decoding abilities of the listener before sending a message.

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