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A Police Officer Stealing

This is a review of the video "CCTV Camera Captures Police Officer Stealing by Kamrani (1990) which is hosted by you tube. In this video, I see a police officer who was meant to stop at a certain shop stealing from the same shop. The policeman walked into the shop and started looking at some displays on the shelf placed at his right. After going through them for a while, after a while, he moved to the other shelf now placed on his left. After looking at some time, he picked something from the shelf with his left hand and immediately kept it in his trouser pocket, then immediately picked another item with his left hand again which he extended it to the right hand where he was holding his official hat. He then immediate placed well in his official hat. Immediately before leaving the place, he picked another item, turned and then placed it well in his hat again, (Kamrani 1990).

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After doing all this, the policeman left the scene while looking much nervous and went to his to a room that looked like redundant virgin media desk at the at the back of the store. After sitting down for sometimes, and confirmed that nobody, he picked something from his left hand trouser pocket and looked at it for some time, while his hat was placed at the table. After sitting there for some time, he was much nervous and suspicious. He was looking at CCTV camera in directly. After sometime, the officer transacted something under the table, das if he was browsing something but on his thigh by the use of his hands. Then he picked his hat and left the scene. When he was walking out, the police placed his hat on his head and left the scene. Before moving out of the shop, the police officer placed something in his jacket pocket and left, the store through the security door, without being noticed by any alarm.

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In real sense is this video real, I ma not in a position to believe anything that has been happening in the video. What kind of shame did the policeman do?

If the police officer, who have been charged with the responsibility of looking after other people's properties, then whom shall the common citizen entrust? This is because; even the police officers might end up collaborating with thugs, in stealing other peoples' belongings. This might be among the reasons as to why most stolen goods go un-dictated t, because some of the police officers are involved. It is much difficult to understand that, even in developed countries, theft is still a problem. If a police officer can still in such shop with many cameras allover. Then can someone state what really happens down the line in places that lack CCTV, and have poor installed security system. This means police officer have been engaging in some sort of stealing for other peoples property, but since no camera to trap them, they go free, he was just followed.

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According to me, this is a sign of poor police pay. If they could have been paid well, such like a person would not have been caught under the circumstance, of risking your job by stealing something which is not too expensive to purchase. To avoid such like shameful officers in the police force, the government has to reform the police force as a whole. They ought to be given better residential houses, better salaries, among other reasonable basic things. This is just an indicator that, the police officer is living in a pathetic life, life full of poverty. Another possible cause of this might be because of lack of professional code of conduct in the police force.

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