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End of Men

The article addresses the dominance of women in the workforce and education and the diminishing role of men in the society. It points out that currently, the women are the ones that dictate the sex of the child they want to bear often a girl child with a hope of for a brighter future. The society is changing from male domination to that of the female, "The era of the firstborn son is totally gone" (Rosin pr. 6). Women are achieving much economically and are pursuing the works which was initially meant for men. The preference of the male children is being eroded by the dynamic global economy since the nations embraced women into workforce. Women advanced from industries to professional workers. Moreover, Women have been acquired custody of their children. This has been facilitated by communication and thinking.

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The economical and social success has been attributed to women since they are as well incorporated in power with countries like Rwanda having a majority of females in parliament. These are political economic and social achievements have occurred in pursuit of equality. In U.S the families are opting for daughters other than sons. "The age of testosterone" is diminishing with lesbian women such as Iceland Prime Minister heading the state (Rosin pr.13).Another reason for their success is that women fit everywhere unlike men whose adaptation to an environment is weak since they "Seem Fived in a cultural aspic" (Rosin pr. 23). Moreover, firms such as Deloitte are adapting to lifestyles of their employers. In addition, women are considerate of others rights unlike men who are control freaks hence, they are efficient in decision making.

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From the article, Gender has become a controversial topic which is characterized by struggle for equality. There is no doubt that women have become successful any various aspects of life thus creating a gender gap. Women have pursued education in colleges as well as professional schools and eventually, this has contributed to their success and their transition to the upper-middle-class that clearly defines the society. There has been a gender gap in colleges where women have earned close to sixty percent of the total bachelor's degrees thus have acquired affluent life. On the other hand, men are pursuing just a diploma from high school which is attributed to their failure to adapt. The community colleges in U.S are dominated by females who attentively stick to their schedules. Economically, women's attendance in community colleges is reflected in their earnings. "Women ages 25 to 34 with only a high-school diploma currently have a median income of $25,474, while men in the same position earn $32,469......The economy isn't as friendly to men as it once was" (Rosin, p.2 Pr.5). This relates to anthropology in the since of masculine bias.

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The issue of culture addressed in the article has a social significance in the society. For instance, the American pop culture has worked to the male's disadvantage. It has produced weak males who are unemployed and unromantic. The males have become useless and have neglected sex. In contrast, the females have regenerated to alpha females who have triggered anxiety and fear. They have affairs with young boys even twenty four years younger referring to the males as "desperate young American men who are latching on to an older woman who's a good earner." Women have become the dominant sex and arte behaving so facilitated by social empowerment (Rosin, p.2 pr.26). It is the role of the men to control their erosion by engaging actively in the society and adapting to the changes.

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