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A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is probably one of the most unnerving and controversial movie of all time. The main thing that made this movie controversial and talked about is the graphic representation of sex, nudity and violence that the conservative society during its release was not yet ready to embrace. The style of Kubrick in directing this movie is genuinely interesting. The scenes were not horrifying in the sense that there were no blood splatters everywhere. What made it interesting was the camera shots employed. It actually helped in building up the character of Alex. The camera shots used made the characters looked creepy and scary that will put any audience at the edge of their seats. Tight camera shots used for the character of Alex made a disturbing image that will make the audience horrified. Take for example the scene where the group of Alex broke in to a certain house and raped the woman living in it. Alex was singing the song singing in the rain while violently inflicting harm to the residents of the house.

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It has been said that such scene is unscripted. But it is very horrifying to the audience. The portrayal was so perfect that it has actually been the most talked about scene in the movie. The scene started with the camera slowly paneling from left to right while someone was ringing the doorbell. The camera moved in a very slow manner that builds up intense anticipation of what is going to happen. The mirror inspired hallway and the chequered floor were likewise enabled the perception of a futuristic theme. Every movement in the movie was emphasized through camera shorts. The most disturbing part though is how the camera showed the emotions of the victims of the crimes and how emotionless the perpetrators were. Kubrick, in this movie, used a surreal futuristic theme. Any person that would see this movie for the first time today will not think that this movie was filmed decades ago (Burgess, 115).

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