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Avatar and Colonialism


Avatar by James Cameron was one of the most anticipated movies of 2009. The visual aspect of the movie was enough to ensure that people will be seated on the edge of their seats while watching. But then again, it can be said that there is more to the movie aside from the visual orgasm that James Cameron has successfully delivered to the amazed audience. The movie Avatar primarily revolved in a place called Pandora. It is a place where natural resources abound in great measures. It is the haven of indigenous community called Na'vi. Of course, as any other story would go, a conflict aroused between a group of people aiming to capitalize with what Pandora has to offer and the native of the land. Hence, the creation of Avatars aimed to learn the culture and the ways of the Na'vi only to prey on them in the end. In this regard, it can be seen that Pandora is a portrayal of the real world where there is a war going on between the capitalists and the minorities. It is guaranteed to be an epic and filmic representation of colonialism in the modern day. Avatar is indeed the representation of colonialism.

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The Avatar can be compared to the present war happening in Iraq. Many think that the movie is about American terrorism in Iraq in the quest to gain power and control over the resources of the said nation. However, taking a closer scrutiny in the movie, it can be seen that James Cameron did not condemn a particular war. It is just a mere representation of how dominant the capitalists are and the extent to which they are willing to step up in order to get what they want regardless of the manner they will take possession of everything (Gray, 2010).

The main focus of the movie is to present the dynamics that are in existence between the indigenous populations as represented by the Na'vi and the militant capitalists as represented by the humans. Colonialism is defined as the manner by which a nation or a country of a greater power extends their control over a nation of a lesser power or influence. To have this realized, a nation has to conquer, exploit, explore and settle in a particular and specific nation that will submit under their authority. But then again, this cannot be achieved without fighting back. No nation would want to be under the influence and control of another. Independence, freedom and liberation are the keywords to which a nation exists regardless of where they are located in the globe. This definition of colonialism deliberately presented in the movie Avatar. There is a war going on between the Na'vi (natives of Pandora) and the humans (colonialists). In the quest to gain access to the resources of the land of Pandora, a war has exploited when the Na'vi stood up for themselves and to what they possess. This is happening today. Not necessarily a bloody war but there is a constant and everyday war to achieve freedom and independence. There is a growing need to defend the cultural ethics, values and resources that every individual has in their possession (Traube, 1989).

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With all the foregoing, it cannot be denied that the Avatar is a filmic representation of colonialism in the present day. Ironic as it may seem, it depicts that colonialism is here to stay. Even in the future, colonialism will play a great part in the establishment of culture, ethics, and values of every nation and every individual. It might not be through a real bloody war but rather on the extension of influence such as in the field of movie, music, poetry and literature. Hence, there are many ways in which colonialism will spread its wings and affect not just a single nation but the whole world in general.

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