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Theodicy Field Trip

Curley is a movie based on the life of Russell Norris, a Cherokee Indian from the Qualla Boundary reservation in Western North Carolina. Russell's father gets a job in the Cramer Mill Cotton as a foreman. This happens after Russell and his father have moved to Cramerton in North Carolina in such of a job. When Russell is only fifteen- years- old, his father dies, leaving the responsibility of rising and supporting the family on Russell's young shoulders.

After the incident, Russell takes his guitar and plays to people so that he can get some cash to support his mother and his four brothers. Travelling and working in the Depression-era south, Russell is forced to confront racism and his own battle with alcoholism. Eventually, this is a story of bravery, hope and liberation. But why do bad things happen to good people? Every time, we experience bad things.

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No body is immune from the bad things that happen. Like in the movie above, why did his father have to die and live him with a young family to take care? The bible on the other hand provides us with strong answers regarding the questions. Romans 3:9-19 states that all people are extremely affected by sin. Verse 10-11 states that the effect of the sin is by far universal. It continues by illustrating that none of us who is righteous; there is none who understands, there is none who seeks for God.

The hot verse that keeps our mouth shut is verse 12 that notes "there is none who does well, not even one" (Romans 3:12). Therefore, our mouth should be closed since we realize that we are sinners before god and that is why bad things do also happen to good people.

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