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Television news is defined as broadcasting of current occurrences through television medium. Newscasts or news bulletins are programs that last form seconds to minutes or hours and offer updates on national, regional, local, or world news incidents. Television news broadcast is image based, displaying videos of numerous of the occurrences that are have been reported. Different television channels might offer news bulletins as a portion of a frequently planned news program. Television shows may often be replaced or interrupted by news flashes, to offer news updates on the current or sudden occurrences of great significance. Engagement of viewers is important as it gives them a chance to give their opinions on television shows.

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FOX, MSNBC, and CNN News channels

After obtaining combined ratings report certificates in 2009, MSNBC & CNN are altering their programs as they attempt to draw back viewers who flew away following the 2008 elections. The shifts at these two networks came after FOX news grew stronger, boosted by candid hosts like Glenn Beck, ho utilized his show in rallying opposition to Obama administration. Fox news in prime time, averaged 2.2 million observers, a 7% increase over the year 2008, which was the greatest showing in history. Remarkably, each program of the Fox network schedule increased its viewers in 2009 (Kitty, 33).

In March 2010, CNN finished behind MSNBC and Fox News, and behind its sister channel HNL and CNBC, which aired Olympics programming in March. Although CNN transmits news in all hours of the day and all days of the week CNN management have said that the channel will not its move toward prime time programs, which are directed by hosts who are not aligned with partisan viewpoints but viewers apparently think otherwise. When guests articulate conservative viewpoints, CNN hosts demonstrate more cynicism for them than they expressions of open-minded viewpoints.

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This does not imply that CNN is the worst since it used Erick Erickson of the Red state as a political analyst, they are better in balancing viewpoints in prime time, than does MSNBC, which has turned out to be an outrageous haven after around 11 am ET. FOX channel has done a great job over a long, consistent time of integrating left of center analysts such as Mara Liasson, Juan Williams, and Kirsten in talking heads shows and new analysis all other cablers.

CNN is supposed to take a more apparent eyed outlook of the manner they interact with their viewers. It has many advantages in field for gathering news than it has for competition and loses reliability when it combined reporting with editorializing. MSNBC may improve their newscasts by lining with the nonpartisan analysis but are required to the lineup of prime time and focus in areas like politics, foreign affairs, and domestic policy. They must make themselves unique and useful to succeed with headline news.

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CNN slipped behind MSNBC into third place this year in its prime-time ratings, where Fox News Channel remains a dominant number one. Cable news viewers have increasingly become interested in hearing news filtered through strong, partisan viewpoints. Although CNN transmits news all day and all week long, the channel has resisted the partisan approach for fear it would hurt its brand as an impartial news source. When CNN viewers articulate conservative opinions, the hosts demonstrate more cynicism for then their expressions of open-minded viewpoints. This implies that it does not receive much political opinions from viewers resulting to lack of engagement of viewers during television shows.

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However, CNN is better placed than MSNBC channel because it has used hosts like Erickson of Red state in balancing the viewpoints in primetime, than MSNBC does not present much new on domestic policy, politics and foreign affairs, areas in which peoples viewpoints are important in determining  the democratic direction of the country.

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