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The Beauty and Challenge of Being Catholic


This is a review of the audio conversation "The Beauty and Challenge of Being Catholic" which is hosted by hosted by Krista Tippett.  The paper is a critical examination of the concepts surrounding the challenge as well as the beauty of being a catholic. Historically, it was unthinkable for not being a catholic, just like at present, not being an America. Religion seem to have played a better part in shaping mankind, and the reason why there are those individual who are still Catholics while others are converting to other denomination- protestant as some cross to catholic can only be explain by the beauty or advantages of being a catholic and at the same time the challenges of being a catholic. This thus lays the basis for this paper, what or why not be a catholic. This is made possible after reviewing a podcast titled the Beauty and challenge of being Catholic. 

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Summery of the interview

The beauty and challenge of being catholic is a conversation in a radio program hosted by Krista Tibbet. It is all about the voices of lay Catholics concerning being a catholic. Bonnie tells us that despite the fact that he no longer attend catholic church, the stories about the religion told by his mother concerning justice, love, conscience, wisdom and courage makes him loved the church. Oilibhear fancy it because of the human face it adopts (Tippett 10).

It is worth noting that this interview was initially planned to indulge theologian only in which the main question is solace and beauty they find in the religion. Other issues and questions of concerns were also addressed particularly the future of the church.

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Murray holds the opinion that he always looks the church with lots of love. Bonnie make us see the importance of Eucharist, it connects one to something else that is much bigger and important. Generally, from the talking, it is apparent that most of the lay Catholics were brought up in a family that were strong Catholics; with such parents, kids at early age were instilled with the teachings of the church. The issue of ethics and morals is also evident in the conversation, this was brought out by Ms. Pakora Additionally, those who were engaged in this conversation said what really keeps them in church as well as making them go back. On the other hand, they clearly talked of challenges or how life could be difficult in the church (Tippett 13). For instance, Ms. Bonnie said, "The Church has given me so much and it has disappointed me in equal measure".

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Main themes of the conversation

The main themes in this conversation can be broadly classified into those advantages or beauty of being and practicing Catholicism and the challenges of the same. One beauty of being catholic is that one is always comfortable with its rites and can share it without fear. Blakes tells us of his shy father being comfortable in celebrating the Eucharist, he also asserts that he finds such comfort.

According to Ms. Hinojosa, change especially in late 60s and 70s made her enjoy being in the church. They were encouraged to take part songs as well as word, mass was accessible. The only challenge at that time was that boys were having an upper hand as they were allowed to take part in activities at the alter over girls. The trust between priest and the congregation was equally important as the former were a way to get closer to God. As suggested by Hinojosa, the problem is that some of the priests misused the trust bestowed to them and started molesting children and the church constantly hid and protected such men of cloth or even transfer such individuals to other parishes.

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Despite this, she asserts that, "I love about the Catholic Mass is the powerful, spiritual, deep mystery of it all". Sadly, after divorcing the church did not any more recognize her marriage. Mr. Murray asserts that being a catholic is like being in love. He says that "supports us in this love affair, offering us the sacraments, sacred liturgy, glorious masterpieces of art, Gregorian chants, music, plus thousands of years' worth of stories of others who lived before us and who also loved Christ and His Church" (Tippett 7)

According to Ms. Lorraine, the church gave her what she had lost twenty years down the line. She committed an abortion, going back to catholic gave her hope, joy and forgiveness she deserved. The call of the church to constantly pray is again another beauty of being a catholic.

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The church also teaches more about morality which a time is not liked by every one (Dixon). Later, after leaving being an alter boy, he engaged in other things. It was later after returning to the church that he realized the importance of the church stand on human dignity, to him this is the beauty of being a catholic (Tippett 3). Additionally, the church being unique and not moving with time is paramount as a distinguishing feature. However according to Dixon, there are some aspects of faith that he still find difficult to reconcile with his personalities, this is one serious challenge of being a catholic.

On the basis of what Skojec say, Catholic traditional rites are what make him feel the beauty of the church, "vestments and the decoration of the Church, the orientation of the priests toward the altar, the silence of the traditional liturgy, the chant" (Tippett 2)

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On what Ms. Pakora says, the main challenge of being a catholic is being excommunicated. One will not receive the Eucharist, additionally, those who do things that are contrary to the t4eaching of the church for instance gays and committing abortion will never be comfortable as priests will always touch on such issues.

Additionally, despite the fact that one will wish to be ordained, the strict laws that blocks married individuals as well as gay make it much more difficult to be in the church. According to Ms. Pakora, despite being excommunicated, she holds the opinion that the church is a beautiful place as it teaches justice, ethics and moral key to survival of human (Tippett 1). Lastly, the way the church seem to address the issue of women seem excluding but on the other hand it give women a reason to smile especially the widowed one

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From the review the conversation hosted by Krista Tippett, "The Beauty and Challenge of Being Catholic" it is evident that the two broad themes seem to revolve around what makes or not one to be catholic. The issue of human dignity, ethic, joy, peace and love, justice and moral, traditional rites are among the beauty of being catholic. The challenge however include girls not being given equal opportunities like bys to serve at the alter, excommunication, gay not being ordained and generally those who do contrary things to the church teaching will never be comfortable as most of the summons will in one way or another touch on such issues as abortion, homosexuality among others.

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