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Middle East

Simple societies grow, develop, increase and become complex societies. Few develop and become civilizations. In Middle East, characteristics such as population growth, human bodily growth arose from invention of cultivation. Various factors may have led these societies to the hard lifestyle of agriculture. Factors like attempting to exploit the gift of fertility of the earth could have caused them to engage in agriculture. They begun to cultivate high protein legume, grains and aromatic bulbs .the results of the revolution in food production led to complex civilization.

Arabs of today eat a favorite dish called mujarada whose origin is traced from the Neolithic age. Arabs still from Lebanon, Palestine and Syria of today consume this dish. Mujarada consists of cracked wheat boiled together with lentils to form a homogenous mixture.

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Greek cuisine developed together with culture and tradition. It is normal for us to celebrate by eating together with family members. Still, whenever we are sorrowful or undergoing through difficulty we eat together and encourage one another. Our customs are associated together with some special kinds of food (Hudson, 2010). We eat Koufete or simply candy coated Almonds at weddings and baptism. We also eat boiled wheat also called Koliva at funerals.

The municipal council obtains water from lakes and reservoirs. Location of the reservoir is away from human habitation to prevent it from being contaminated. The water processing plant is also located outside the town. The wastewater, discharged from domestic residences, industry and other commercial properties, is treated and reused. The treatment of wastewater is facilitated in industrial-scale wastewater treatment plant.

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Mujarada is a common Middle Eastern dish consisting of lentil and rice flavored with onions. Its recipe consists of onions, rice, green lentil, olive oil, salt and pepper. Cut onions in the olive oil and heat until brown. Add lentil and heat until it boils. Rice added and the mixture boiled until the rice becomes soft. Finally, Salt and pepper is added to season. If all supermarkets closed shop, I would think of buying food from neighboring regions. Since buying food from outside would proof expensive in the end, I would begin some farming activity to supplement the supply of food.

'As the Middle Eastern communities grew, they developed the pastoralist lifestyle. Pastoralists range from semi-agriculturalists to pastoral specialists. Semi-pastoralists raised goats and sheep since they did not move to new areas, as they were committed in their farms (Hudson, 2010). Pastoral specialists raised camels since these had a greater ability to move through greater distances.

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Generosity and courtesy are some of the characters we show to our visitors. We provide those who visit our homes with food, drinks and a bath. We have an unwritten rule, which requires us to refrain from asking visitors many questions. We remain so until the visitor pronounces his or her need.

Once I visited family friends in Madagascar. My hosts were so courteous; they not only provided me with food, drinks, and entertainment. They gave me parting gifts on my return journey. I was so touched. From that day, I made a decision to be hospitable to strangers.In the ancient times, our grand fathers roasted meat on open fire. Today, when preparing all types of meat including pork, rabbit and poultry olive oil, vegetables and herbs are used.

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A delegation of Arabs coming to pay me a visit would prompt me to slaughter a goat or a sheep. Traditionally, to Arabs slaughter of an animal mean sacrifice and service. In Middle East, it is important for one community to be hospitable not only to visitors but also to rivals. This is because it is easy for one to find oneself in enemy's hands. Therefore, if you were not courteous to the enemy he will find the opportunity to harm you. But if you treated him well, he would be courteous to you too.

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