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The Facebook Generation

Facebook is a tool of escapism. This is not surprising news. Seriously, we have all been thinking the same thing. It is one of the many modes of passing time. It also gives us an excuse to spy on an unserious boy/girl friend. The article by Alice Mathias reveals some hard truths about the social site. It also uncovers some embarrassments about the direction of our social lives. An embarrassment because it says that we are idle and possess a certain cowardly quality of spying that is unnervingly close to voyeurism. The article is well researched, and I believe, accurately executed.

This is quite appealing because it reveals a certain character of present human personality that we would rather ignore. It is also disturbing that we would want to ignore despite its continuous development as behavior. Who wants to admit that they would rather research on someone's personality online before getting to meet him or her? This is so that they know everything about them before hand to avoid future embarrassments. Are we that self-preservative? According to Mathias (2007), Mathias meant to say that rather than use the site for connectivity, we prefer to use it as a stage for personal uses.

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The author's position seems to be quite a valid on a number of issues especially on a theory that she put forward. The theory stated that the site was popular simply because we could visit other people's information anonymously. If someone found us 'sitting in their audience' then we would be exposed. Facebook would turn into a ghost town. We only enjoy the pleasure of watching others just so long as they do not find out. It is a cowardly attribute but its wicked fun. It is a fact, but we enjoy looking at how others live their lives.

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