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Public-Private Partnerships in Making Creative City


The UNESCO framework, 'Creative cities', is based on innovative actions and principles that are meant to transform selected cities of the universe to become centers of creativity. It has been discovered that more than 40% of the professional workforce specialize in the creative sector that incorporates technology, science, arts, culture and entertainment. The creation of Creative city will have major impacts on the society and this was the motive behind special program by the United Nations branch UNESCO of the creation of Creative cities around the globe. Among the cities are Berlin (Germany), Shanghai (China) and Seoul (South Korea).

Berlin (Germany)

Berlin was the first city in the whole of Europe to be appointed by UNESCO in what was referred as "Creative Cities Network under the framework of UNESCO's Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity". This happened in the month of November in the year 2005. Following this, the title of "City of Design" for Berlin was awarded in the 18th of January the following year in a ceremony that was followed by a meeting the following day whose main aim was networking of the Creative cities (UNESCO) in the entire Europe, Asia and Latin America. Public-Private partnerships in Berlin have played a very important role towards the realization of Berlin as a creative city. These partnerships have seen the design economies and arts unify the city after its division in the Second World War. The partnerships are evident in the development of plans in the architecture as well as city space business projects that have fulfilled the expectations of UNESCO to qualify it as a Creative City Network for Global Alliance. One of the areas that demonstrated some positive changes in terms of the transformations that these partnerships brought about was the decorations as well as the development of special new designs for some of the oldest metro systems and stations a move that had the full support of the government. Arts have also formed a big culture in Berlin and this also saw the collaboration of the private and public institutions to ensure that there were relevant transformations to ensure that the expectations of UNESCO are met in a successful way. In short the partnerships have enabled high density designs in different sectors, establishment of networks that fit in the international arena, new financial instruments, and collaboration of different companies and administrations in working together.

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Shanghai (China)

This city was of those that reported rapid growth as well as innovative development in regard to design activities as well as the offering of professional opportunities to ensure promotion of active innovation through a firm resource basis and other strategies meant for sustainability. These were enhanced by the collaborations of both the public and the private sectors to bring resources together to ensure that all the goals that had been set were achieved as well as ensuring that the both the town as well as the regional planners too into account the role played by creativity in the economic policy planning. The concerned stakeholders ensured that these partnerships ensured that the different systems that were meant to promote intensive development in the industrial sector as well as creation of a powerful economic growth were established and run in the right manner.

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Shanghai had a clear vision in regard to the important role that creative industry can play in ensuring sustained urban development as well as ensuring that this city met the international requirements to be declared as a center of design. This city proved to be good in terms of linking technology culture and economy a virtue that was highly promoted by the public-private partnerships as mentioned earlier. One major area that saw a lot of collaborations was on the undertakings of the most important role in developing of a balanced landscape design regarding the environmental and socio-cultural level. The private-public partnerships in Shanghai have also assisted the small enterprises to unlock their creative potential as well as the entrepreneurial capabilities which assist in the formulation of major industrial restructuring strategies.

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Seoul (South Korea)

This city that is located in South Korea has its recognition as a design-driven center and this was one of the major reasons for attaining the status of a creative city. The UNESCO recognized this city as a result of the combination of the creative potential with the cultural heritage that was abundant in Seoul. The vision of this city was becoming an eco-cultural city whose major basis is advanced infrastructures to deal with Information Technology (IT). This was a task that necessitated the provision of urban policies that are design oriented, establishment of public urban design standards, and formulation of education strategies supporting the economic culture among other major undertakings. These would not have been possible without the collaboration of both the private and the public sectors and these were brought together by the partnerships (Public-Private).

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Based on the fact that both the big and the small businesses that proves to be creative are in need of innovative talent, the adoption of the policies that enable private-public partnerships are was a major step in this city of Seoul moving towards the realization of becoming a Creative City. The public-private partnerships enabled the city to come up with plans that had promising developments resulting from policies and these ensured contributions to the advancement of the entire county.

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