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Banduras Social Learning Theory

Bandura in his theory of social learning theory held "hat people learn from one another, via observation, imitation, and modeling." (Bandura 94) Learning is part and parcel of human nature and they continuously learn and construct meaning in their day to day life through communication with those around them and now with internet. It is worth noting that learning through technology especially the internet has made things very essay and the whole world has turned into one global village. For that reason individuals from all corners of the earth can share information in an interactive manner. Not only can they write or hear voices but also see those they are communicating with the geographic distance not withstanding.

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Although the technology has been hailed to bring with it advantages especially in distance learning and fostering social interaction, there are moral concerns with regards to technology innovation. Since individuals easily learn from what they observe, the advent of technology has made it easy for individuals especially youngsters to emulate cultures from far away. For instance, children can be influenced by violent activities they observe in social media.

Nude pictures and porn related material also impact on their well being. Thus the cognitive moral as well as social challenge as a result of internet is the development of young individuals who are 'polluted' (Bandura 98). Comparing the effectiveness and power of interactive social media and no-social media, the former in my view is effective and powerful as it is accessible to majority of young as well as older populations. However, on the other side of the coin, it can also be seen as being less effective especially in third world countries where technology has not yet fully reached the masses.

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The use of interactive online social media is neither bad nor good. The answer taken depends on the contents gained and how the model has been used. However, to ensure that the societal moral standards are upheld, there is need for some information to be block so that certain age group does not get access to.

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