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Social environment plays fundamental role in structuring behavioral patterns as well as personality of an individual. Interaction with particular environment influences development of a specific attributes in an individual. Notably, modification of perceptions and personality starts at early stages of life and individuals eventually exhibit particular behavioral patterns in relation to the environment. School life in the society is geared towards imposing knowledge to the young and curious mind as well as to shape their personality to fit their environment.

Therefore, school life plays a significant role in modification of characters especially in responding to particular social issue in the community. Through school life student develop a particular notions in life that acts as identities to core value institutions uphold and community expectations on a particular generation group.  Due to broad nature of community briefs coupled with cultural practices and notions on young population school environment varies. The fact that school is contributes to large part to in molding social-cultural aspects of individual the various school environment in the society culminates development of certain altitudes by the students.

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An educators or a teacher greatly influences the scope of development of student in both social and academic aspects. Therefore, teachers are instrumental in promoting consistent advancement of student in various aspects that are imposed through various interaction and instructions conveyed by the tutor. Through a teacher establishes foundations towards growth of young population in the society, various aspects portrayed by the students indicate level of interaction and the communication involved. From this perspective teachers have expectations as well as wants from their students in order to become satisfied with the entire activities at classroom setting.

Cooperation of students is the basic wants of teachers from a class. A teacher expects students to respect the classroom settings and pay attention to activities taking place in the class. Also, a teacher wants students to interact during a learning experience in order to promote comprehensive academic development. In addition, it is the wish of teachers to have students with high moral value both in the classroom setting and in the society.

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Exhibiting attributes within the expectations of teachers does not guarantee being noticed and identified as a morally upright as well as academically superior. It takes a keen evaluation of the students by their teachers in order to identify students highlighted these traits. In most cases hard working students with moral uprightness but with minimal level of interaction are identified as hypocrites. From personal perspective though I am serious and hard working student who pays attention to every detail provided the perception of my teachers on me is demoralizing.

The fact that I rarely make contributions in classroom or interact during classes my teachers have developed a notion that I cannot do anything constructive. Regardless of my commitment am regarded as rebellious student against the wants and expectations of the teacher. Though my silence nature is related to the environment that I grew, nobody seems to comprehend this.               

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Every individual in the society is associated with a past and no one can change the environment that shaped one's personality. Notably, we are who we are because of our past. From this perspective, my personality and behavioral patterns that I exhibit in school are highly related to school life in Thailand and the environment that I was raised. In Thailand respecting teachers came with avoiding argument with them and being submissive their orders.

Expressing an opinion regarding an issue during classes was highly discouraged hence mutual interaction between students and teachers never existed. The teacher was never wrong and was the best and nobody would quarrel with a decision made by the teacher. Therefore, the society perception of teacher greatly shaped my life and personality. In addition the school I attended was small hence the learning and maintaining academic argument in the America institutions pose to be huge challenge.

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Commitment and determination to attain my academic objective is my priority. Attaining this objective can only be facilitated through proper plans on my studies and allocating adequate time to perform the required assignments and practical. I developed a well designed plan schedule to aid me in managing my time appropriately on daily basis. The plan schedule enables me to carry out various tasks related to studies. For instance, I complete my assignment and homework in time and submit personal work free from plagiarism and duplication of fellow students work. The fact that we have an access to the syllabus I am always ahead of the class in reams of sections. As a dedicated student aimed at succeeding in my academic life I am committed in attaining my academic goals.        

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However, my committed to purse greater academic goal tends to become shattered tutors perception. The fact that that tutors misunderstand my entire life and believed that I am prone to fail and I will register no success I feel my career path has been adversely. The high morale and determination I had when joining this institution is slowly decreasing however, my wish to maintain a steady performance in my studies. I not only feel demoralized hate associating with the rest my classmates during classes but also feel an urge to quit and join a different institution that can accommodate my social-cultural aspects.


The social environment plays central role in shaping personality of an individual as well as developing a social perception. Notably, communities from different corners of the world establish particular notions aimed at developing a specific behavior patterns and believes. This is evident in learning institutions where academic is integrated with the society notion on various aspects in the community. This not only creates an inclusive integration of societies brought together by a common objective like to purse academic goals. From a personal perspective, institutions around the globe should establish programs that can resolve problems influence by cultural disparity in the society.

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