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Organizational Behavior and Teamwork

In many different occasions language barrier has been a major factor that hinders a resolution process. Many panels have not been able to attain certain objectives, many business organizations fail to transact effectively due to language barrier. For instance, in this case where members of this group have an objective of assessing the feasibility of Nike’s making an inexpensive shoe that can be sold in Brazil. Their team consists of twelve members with three of the members work in the United States (two in Beaverton, Oregon, and one in New York City), two works in England, two in China, two in India, and three in Brazil. All are Nike employees born in the country in which they work from and all of them speak English, though some speak it better than others. There are several challenges which they might encounter. For instance there will be language barrier in that they will not understand each other properly thus leading to an ineffective decision (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2006). The decision made might be influenced negatively or positively in accordance to the perception of one member to the other and country in question. That is, if a member from New York thinks that Brazil is a rich country, he will suggest different high price when compared to the member from China in case he views that Brazil is poor country.

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According to Kinicki & Kreitner (2006), it can also lead to low confidence, perplexity, and lack of team work due to unproductive communication. It can also result to a resistance to change which is also a major challenge to attaining effective decision. This may happen in the case where they fail to agree the fact that cultural and societal make up of their place of work is changing that is normally due to our mentality of silencing new thoughts and hold back progress. Furthermore, some members might fail to attend the meeting due to poor weather conditions that might hinder transportation or involve in accident. More capital will also be required in order to cater for the transportation and accommodation of these members throughout the entire process of discussion period.

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Therefore, in order to attain a lasting resolution, there is an urgent need of preventing occurrence of these challenges. Team members should bear in mind that they are from different countries thus they should not expect every member to talk fluent English (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2006). They should also understand that they have different cultural, religion, economic and social beliefs and practices that they have to respect every member’s contribution and approach to issue at hand.

In order to reduce time wasting, the company should accommodate all members at the same place so that they are in a good position of walking and working together as a team. The members should be provided with adequate capital and be given humble time of adopting the new environment before the beginning of the discussion. This will prevent cases where members start to feel unwell in the midst of discussion.

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The team is also supposed to know more openly and tactically the main reasons of doing whatever it is doing. It should be aware that it has a shared idea thus every member needs stand to on his/her own feet without obstruction or involvement from the leader. The team should decide most of the choices in accordance to the criteria agreed upon with the leader thus having a focus on over-achieving objectives. It should have a high level of self-sufficiency bearing in mind that differences happen but they can be resolved within the group absolutely and essential changes to process and arrangement are created by the team (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2006). It is also capable of working towards attaining the aim and concentrate on relationship, style and practice issue on the way. The team needs assigned duties and projects from the leader and therefore members must look after each other. It does not require to be instructed or helped instead its members might ask for assistance from the leader with individual and interpersonal growth. By doing all these, the team will be in a good position of overcoming these probable challenges.

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Kinicki & Kreitner (2006) assert that the process of making virtual work team is very difficult and complicated when compared to developing a team of people that are working together in one place. This is due to the fact while there are increased chances of language barriers in a virtual work team, there is no any means through which language or communication can be a problem in a team of people that are working together. Furthermore, it is expensive, tiresome, risk and time consuming to make a virtual work team when compared to developing a team of people who all work together in one place. This is due to the fact that team members in virtual team will take a lot of time traveling to the location where the meeting will be held, by doing this, they might be involved in accident implying that the meeting ought to be postponed or take more time due to late departure of the plan. A lot of capital will also be needed to cater for the transport and accommodation of different members who came from different countries thus making the whole process to be slow and expensive.

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On the other hand in a team of people who all work together in one place, it will be easy to meet even in case of emergency and no extra costs will be needed since after the meeting all members will go back to their respective places of residence. Hence, the process of developing a virtual team is expensive, risk, tiresome and time consuming all which will affect negatively decisions made by the team- when compared to a team of people who all work together in one place. Thus all leaders of businesses and organization should give first priority to a team of people who all work together in one place other than a virtual work team.

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