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Marxism Demand the Liberation of Women

A number of uncountable conferences and declarations have been made by leaders all over the world regard the issue of gender equality. This are declarations made in favor of women and which want to protect the females from the male chauvinists who have fro a long time now made the female s their prey in terms of exploitation and biasness (Parsons 137). Despite all these good intentions, the women have remained confined as a result of oppressions and prejudice as defined by the society. Male supremacy and its definition vary greatly from society to society, but in general, regardless of the society that one visit, the men have always considered themselves superior than the women and the women have been taught to concur with this supremacy. This can be termed as a blatant truth because the numbers of women who have attained power are often connected to powerful men. Regardless of this, there is no power for the woman. Research has indicated that majority of the women in the labor force in the US are subjected to wage and domestic slavery.

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Women are major people who do the biggest percentage of the world’s chores. Forty five percent of the total food that can be produced by world is owed to the women. Despite all these contributions and efforts made by the women, they own a mere 1% of the world’s total property and their income is equated to only 10%. From the period of Marxist’s incorporation, the rights of the women and equality have been their slogan (Parsons 67). At the same time they want to find ways of shunning and dealing with issue of oppression, racism and education that have been found to be harboring and sustaining the biasness led by capitalisms. The Marxists have forwarded an argument that considers women’s liberation to be bound up by the struggle presented against all forms of capitalist which are structured to sustain and serve all the interests of those in the ruling class.

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Marx & Engels (87)asserts that the Marxists have always held a notion that the result of the conflicts arising in the society regarding the place o the woman and that of men to be a motor force originating from historical perspectives. The Marxists believe that these differences are very reconcilable and can be dealt with amicably. At the same time, the Marxists concur with the fact that men are the major cause behind the women’s oppression. In addition, within these same frameworks, men do benefit both psychologically and materially a lot from the oppression that has been directed to the women. The biasness that has existed in terms of pay, work and valuation of work traditionally has always tended to benefit the man more at the expense of the woman. Men are better rewarded in terms of pay and their jobs are more secure. This is an indication that most of the human race in spite of us undergoing civilization is still under chains. Chains of oppression, chains that make one gender to bow down to the other and chains that make one gender accept willingly that one is more powerful than the other despite the constant equality slogans being chanted all over the world (Parsons 198). Issues such as national liberation, proletarian liberation and peasant liberations are things constantly being talked of. Al these different types of liberation want to get a certain kind of liberation either economical or political liberty, emancipation from feuds and getting wages freedom. All over the countries, the women are the major victims of these entanglements and they are constantly struggling to free themselves out of this slavery.

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Women are not free, they are enslaved. The entire world is revolving around those things that will interest the man and benefit him in one way or the other. There is a concrete manifestation as to how the woman has been enslaved by being confined into the house and made to act as a procreating machine. Despite the society being in a better position of destroying all these antitheses and attitudes, less has been done indicating that less is or shall be achieved. In sometimes back in history, a woman’s chore was considered very significant. In such a case, all the assets were considered as belonging to the society, classes and divisions were never in existence. There is a new dawn as women try to struggle to come out of the cocoon they have been placed in by the society and its traditions. A new society is being ushered in; a society that is looks forward to achieving the social, economic and political environments that favors both the male and the females (Marx & Engels 78). The only society that can eradicate the issue of the capitalist society is the socialist’s society where a woman is full identified and her contributions to the society are fully appreciated. In such a society, a woman is identified for her contributions and not for what role she plays inside the house. Such a woman is given the power to make her procreation choices. The society will provide favorable conditions that will make the woman fight for her rightful place in this society and thus accomplishing her ultimate goals.

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The Marxists proposes that we are faced with a hard fact which we can either accept or reject. Accepting and comprising this fact places us in a very tough position and at the same time we are put in a very compromising spot. The women have always been considered to be less equal to men. Accepting factors like poverty, sickness and violence and women’s exploitation portrays that women are always going to be second to men due to their gender. Bottomore (37) suggest that the Marxists females have constantly opposed this view and they have proposed that the fight presented for the women’s liberation is an idea that is intertwined and very concrete tot all other factors that affect human race such as imperialism, racism and all other exploitation forms that result to homophobia creation in any human. All those ideas that are responsible for the elevation of gender as a determination factor for social relations is very archaic and should be avoided as much as possible. These factors place us in places that are inseparable to the insect world. Marxism is after sorting and comprehending all the oppressions that the women have been placed in for a very long time now. The Marxists blame it all in the society; it considers it the root that has subjected the women to the subjugation they are currently encountering in the wider society. The class society and its institutions are the ones owed to these oppressions and the only solution to this oppressions and the inequality in society shall be contained if all actins start from the bottom.

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