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Racial Concept

At the start of the movie the tactics used by the two FBI agents take two totally different approaches: Alan Ward uses a straight approach to the inquiry while Rupert Anderson who used to be a sheriff, comprehends the details of race relations among the locals, opts to apply a more restrained approach.

The FBI agents employ cut throat strategies: this begins when the county mayor is kidnapped when he finds an isolated cabin, in reality, the kidnapper was an FBI agent specifically brought in the operation to coerce the mayor. Despite the fact that it was not admissible in court, the information given by the mayor provides the FBI agents with vital clues.

Other tactics used by the FBI include the sending of fake invites to KKK members. The members showed up at the fake meeting but it doesn’t take them long to realize it's a set up and they avoid talking about the murders and simply leave.

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FBI operatives used deception and tricks against the Klan itself to obtain concrete evidence. They tricked Cowan by shooting at his window while he was at home and left a burning cross outside his house. Cowan, believed his Ku Klux Klan members were determined to kill him because he would expose them to the police so he went ahead and did exactly that.

I would characterize the activities of KKK as terrorism. The tactics used by the gangs from straightforward intimidation of citizens to the much more intense level of coercion such as damage of property, murder and torture of African Americans and their supporters. The Klan is notorious for setting ablaze crosses in the front yards of people they targeted, indeed that type of behavior definitely ranks as an empty sign when the gang of terrorists fail to gain support from the white police officers.

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The brutality of the Klan, particularly those accountable for the death of the abducted civil rights advocates, goes much deeper because these activities because they kill in open seclusion of the rule of law. The Ku Klux Klan members also torched farms, animals, churches and property, and also lynched African Americans this is without doubt, sociopathic and cowardice, however had these terrible activities been carried out by people existing in a jurisdictionthat severely punished such crimesthey would not have happened.

Not only did the highest echelons of Mississippi law enforcers excuse such acts, but in fact adorned it as a way of keeping the foundations of the social order and the groundwork of democracy and liberty, that’s why these events truly gained such disastrous magnitudes. That tragic dimension is articulated in an enduring pattern which would not have ended were it not for the involvement of federal law enforcers. The Klan's enthusiasm to burn, kill and terrorize locals is articulated in the film as a channel of horror and ignorance that was passed down by the Klan from generation to generation.

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The Ku Klux Klan’s activities without question qualify as terrorism. The Klan sets ablaze a farm solely to cause intimidation. Their motivation is clearly indicated by the fact that the fire kills expensive horses and destroys valuable property yet no money or property is stolen. Terrorism is founded and defined mainly by motivation.

If this acts of terrorism are seen as simply violence meant to preserve or transform the structure of social order, then definitely the, fires, killings and conspiracy between protection given by the local law enforcers and the local judge clearly shows us that what was happening in the movie was terrorism.

If it can be proven true that the precise events of lynching, devastation and beatings of people were done to guarantee that black inhabitants don’t vote so that they don’t try to revolutionize the social order of racism and prejudice, then the locals involved in any doings that sheltered or helped those who essentially committed criminal activities are completely guilty of terrorism.

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The integrity of the FBI's ultimate strategies to take down the Klan terrorists and bring them to justice is mainly complicated because of 1 feature of the movie: the viewers know that the gang members are to blame and guilty.

Whether it is wrong or right to use unlawful or unethical actions to capture the Klan members is difficult to determine when it’s beyond question that the gang is guilty. However although the actions of the FBI were unethical, I do not support that in light of the greater good to society the FBI did what was necessary to end the violence.

From an aspect of a democratic and free world: the measures taken the FBI agents are just as offensive and unacceptable. Their actions can be categorized as activities of terror similar to the Ku Klux Klan’s.

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The various activities undertaken by the FBI operatives were not moral. It’s a typical case of ‘’ Equivalent Retaliation strategy’’ and fighting fire with fire. I perceive the FBI as individuals who portray themselves as enforcers of justice yet they violate the same law they claim to uphold.

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