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Social Empowerment

For many centuries to come, the effects of World War II will remain ached in the minds of many Japanese for many centuries. Apart from losing all her territories, all the nations’ major industrial cities were destroyed to the ground. This meant that that the social, political and economical structures of the nation were also destroyed and the government had to start fresh reconstruction.

According to Nagai, the social reforms that took place in post war Japan were different from those that took place in other nations because o the following reasons; the reforms occurred later as compared to other nations and secondly Japan being a nation that values its traditions, it wanted to preserve the non-western cultures but at the same time foster ahead with reforms. In addition to that these reforms were necessitated by external forces that had conquered the Japanese empire. Land reforms acted as the “base” for other reforms. For instance most farmers were urged to became union members rather than act individually.

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These reforms helped in the economic growth of the nations since most people who were traditionalists and depended on farming for living changed their attitude and engaged in the industrialization process. One thing that is worth noting is that, the social reforms also helped in creating social, political and economical equality among the people. Between 1960 and 1980 there was a decrease in inequality among the people. This meant that resources were being distributed equally. This was the first phase (GoJ, 1969). From 1980 to date there has been an increase in equality among the Japanese. This meant that there was unequal distribution of resource. This was the second phase. The main beneficiary to this reforms were the people of Japan thou this was not easy.

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