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Socially Withdrawn

Social withdrawal and social isolation are known to be symptoms of anorexia and bulimia and can be viewed to have originated from the discipline of developmental psychology which was meant to be more all alone in nature (Wong, 2010). It was seen to be as a way of isolation due to lack of interaction with others or avoidance/ abstaining from others due bad relationships, deliberate choices, infectious diseases, mental disorders or even circumstances surrounding once life. This condition affects both the children, youths and adults.

Having these conditions of social withdrawal can lead to socio-emotional problems i.e. fear of anxiety, low esteem, and depressive symptoms and internalizing problems, the other condition is peer difficulties which include rejection, victimization and lack of good friends. School difficulties can be termed to be also a condition with some attitudes like, poor quality teacher-child relationships, poor academic performance and even children dropping out of school (Kenneth, et al., 2010). With all the above conditions, the children are exposed to very high risks comprising of negative impacts in life. If not sorted out earlier, the child can move on with that condition through to the adolescent stage (Hills, et al. 2002).

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Youths are part and parcel of the social withdrawal. This can be seen through those who have decided to isolate themselves from the outside society, Like in America, the condition has become worse even parents trying to give a helping hand have been threaten by this youths that if they dare try to involve themselves in their issues, they will either be killed or commit suicide a situation the parents have decided to keep off (Covey, 2001).

There are also some risks especially those who are never given freedom to interact with their fellow peers or even given an opportunity to participate on important activities in the society. This all depends with the way one takes it. The social environment can be seen to be conceptualized due to increasing challenges in life such as developing good relations with their peers and participating in most social institutions or activities which are meant to pass a message of the real purpose of youth life to adult life.

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Coming from those families with history of moods disorder or some psychological issues can contribute greatly to the child or the youth having depression hence socially withdrawal. Divorced families can also contribute greatly to these problems too (Wong, & Ying, 2006). Both good and bad virtues are normally passed from parents to children depending on the behavior of parents before their kids. If they see one parent is always quite locking himself in a room, they will take that behavior as virtue and continue with it.

Older people are also seen to be having a very few friends or attention due to their age. This people feel very isolated and loneliness in them hence chances of causing mortality, increased morbidity, depression, and cognitive decline are very high (Coles, 1995). This conditions comes upon especially when one is bereaved hence developing some health complications which may make them want to have someone to express their compassion and at least to ease their inner worries

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To overcome this condition, both youths and adults needs to improve on their own self esteem and confidence in whatever task they undertake of which will lead to more self-confidence and improvement of social skills. Those with these kinds of problems need to be talked to, encouraged and be accepted by the community (Tait, 2000). Social functions should be encouraged to them to motivate their ego. Love, affection and attention are all that is needed.

In conclusion, earlier diagnosis of the social withdrawal is recommended. It is known that about 12 million out of 17 million people suffering from those conditions do not receive any treatment. For those who go for consultation may consult a number of doctors before being diagnosed properly. This depends on how the condition is, whether it is serious or not.

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