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Homeless Population and Their Special Needs

Homeless populations refers to a group of people with no regular dwelling place due to their inability to acqure and maintain a regular, adequate and safe housing. The homeless population faces challenges and problems associated with homelessness such as the inability to meet their needs of safety, affordable housing, transportation, education, healthcare and employment (Cynthia, 2001).

The health needs or requirements of homeless populations often results from the unhealthy and chaotic lifestyle this group of the society live. The lifestyle associated with rough sleeping, staying in unhealthy or inadequate shelters and temporary accommodation means that cardiac ailments and chronic respiratory problems are very prevalent among the homeless populations. It is important to note that asthma, tuberculosis and pneumonia are very common among the homeless populations. The fact that a drug resistant strain of tuberculosis is becoming prevalent among the homeless populations due to the chaotic lifestyles of these people is worrying (Brickner, 2005).The homeless populations seek health services from medical personnel in various health centers such as, community health centers, clinics and hospitals.

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The government, private sector and non-governmental health organization strive to provide necessary healthcare to the homeless despite the challenges experienced in the delivery of these services. Most of the homeless populations are poor and therefore cannot meet the medical costs or afford quality healthcare since they do not have medical insurance. Access to health facilities is a barrier facing the homeless populations in their quest to access medical care. The lack of health insurance is a major barrier for accessing quality healthcare. However, the homeless populations receive free healthcare from various organizations with minimal support from the government (Brickner, 2005).

Personal security is a need of the homeless population since they are targets of violent crimes. This group lacks the safety associated with proper shelter hence the need security. The homeless population seeks safety or shelter from the shelters of friends, relatives and other well-wishers who are able to assist them. There are certain organizations providing shelters to homeless shelters especially in the high-density urban centers. It is however important to note that the demand for such homeless and emergency shelters is very high (Cynthia J, 2001).

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Unemployment and joblessness is another problem affecting the homeless populations due to their poor education backgrounds. The fact that most of the homeless individuals lack proper documentation of their dates of birth, address and lack of identification documents contributes towards their problem of unemployment (Cynthia J, 2001). It is important to note that lack of these proper documentation and education is a major impediment or barrier towards getting employment opportunities. There are certain non-profit organizations that providing skill developments and job opportunities to the homeless individuals. The homeless populations equally receive notification on job opportunities through street journals, magazines and newspapers (Brickner, 2005).

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The homeless people face social problems such as stigmatization and general rejection based on their poor status. These groups of people require social support in order to face the challenges of stigma and discrimination. The homeless population attempt to provide one another with social support by establishing their own communities. The fact that many homeless people are poor makes them experience class discrimination, which is the major barrier and impediment to their social well-being. However, the homeless individuals also seek social support from religious organizations such as churches, friends, families and non-profit organizations. The homeless receive social support from friends, families and formal processes such as programs organized by churches, non-profit organizations or government departments (Brickner, 2005).

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In conclusion, it is important to note that homeless population has special problems and needs. There are non-profit organizations and government departments that are offering support and services to the homeless people. These organizations often provide support in terms of clothing, shelter, medical assistance and trainings. There are programs supported by charities, government departments, churches and other religious organizations and individual donations from well-wishers.

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