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Healing Hospital

The hospital is an important institution for the welfare of the people. It very crucial to the society and must be located in an area where it can be accessed easily. Beyond its accessibility it is also important for it to offer excellent services to the patient. According Laurie Eberst, who is the president and CEO of mercy Gilbert Medical Centre in his article Healing Hospital, the healing hospital concept includes three key components, which are; a healing physical environment, the integration of work design and technology, and a culture of Radical loving Care.

Healing physical environment, involves providing a conducive environment to the patient. This has helps to facilitate the healing process of the patients. Patient needs humble time to rest, since most of the healing happens during the sleep. Cell tends to redevelop at a higher rate when one is at rest. Thus it is recommended for the hospitals to control the level of noise within its environment.

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Integration work design and technology is another crucial component of the healing hospital. This component enables staffs to perform effectively, while assuring privacy and security for the patients. Technology is incorporated to enhance the healing environment. Equipment used in the hospital should be advanced technologically in order to offer best services. The latest technology in the medical field has improved the quality of service offered in the hospital.

A culture of radical loving care is the third component of healing hospital, which encourages the custom of radical loving love. The attitude of love, care, and commitment among the staffs of the hospital plays an important role in healing. The kind of the staff in the hospital determines the quality of the services it offers to the patients. Due to this fact, it is important to for the hospital to ensure that it recruits the best staffs in terms of the care, love, and commitment.

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In addition to these components, religious is of equal importance to the healing in the hospital. Most of the physicians are uncertain on how spiritual issues are involved in the healing of the patience. As Young and Koopsen (2006) explains the connection between spirituality and health care may not appear obvious to some, since health care and the scientific knowledge that forms basis have, for centuries, existed separately from religion (p. 24). However, religious factor play a key role in the healing process of the patient. The will of patient helps enhancing the healing/recovery process.

There are many challenges of coming up with a healing environment in the hospital. This is due to the fact that, healing hospital is attributed by many components. According to O'Grady and Malloch (2009), healing environment is created by the caregivers themselves who find joy in caring and interaction with patients and their families (p. 300). Molding the staff and equipping hospital with advanced machines is the major challenge of building a healing environment in the hospital. O'Grady and Malloch (2009), continues to explain that, the design and construction of true healing environments that occur in optimal patient outcomes and positive work environments for staff need transformational leaders who use a joint optimization approach merging strong vision, philosophies, and value principles to guide design decisions while simultaneously creating cultural change that motivates staff to higher level of caring (p. 301).

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Healing hospital is also supported by biblical aspects. According to Caine and Kaufman (2001) it has been found that no fewer than 12 aspects of faith may help deliver healing benefits, a package of all-natural health boosters that complements the medicine (p. 18). From biblical approach, healing occurs whenever harm or damage made complete. Therefore, it is often that bible normally presents something more precise and earthly than that when it speaks of healing.

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