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Radical Loving Care


Radical Loving Care is experienced in healing hospitals of America. Every worker makes its best efforts to provide the safety and care to their patients and colleagues. Hospital employees provide the loving care to the patients and co-workers. Hospital management must take care of those who are responsible for care of others. When all workers including the seniors perform the radical loving care at hospitals; to ensure that patients are safe and comfortable is a great achievement in Healing Hospitals. The employees of the Mercy Gilbert take consideration for their patients and their caregivers. We have learnt that a loving, compassionate and pleasing environment promotes the healing of patients. This healing environment helps the patients and families coping with illness stresses. It is adequate to expect from the seniors, Physician nurses and all others involved in providing the healing to patients that they are working according to the fundamental caring principles. Brotherly love for the patients can make a difference in the lives of people who care for others. Health care is the source of national pride in USA. America spends a lot of budget on improving the health conditions of the patients. Radical Loving Care has changed the environment of health care Centers in USA.

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The working conditions of the heath care are changed. Healing Hospitals are equipped with advance machines which have special silencer to avoid the starling patients. Nursing staff carries wireless phones to contact their co-workers, patients' physicians and patients' families. Noise free environment caregivers are less apt and get distracted; resulting in reduction of commonly errors. Technologies advanced equipments are useful in healthcare services and also to accelerate the safety and quality processes and results. Radical loving Care approach is expected to bring the harmony among the workers and their seniors in health care centers in USA. This approach reminds us the objectives of joining the health care centers in USA. This approach has brought core changes in the culture of hospitals in USA where Physician nurses work together; brother and sisters lying in the hospitals have experienced a special kind of care to all those who are chair of board or poor of street.

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In this paper we have discussed the role of every caregiver in healing hospitals who demonstrates the Radical Loving Care. In the second part of the paper the changes due to this Radical Loving Care approach have been discussed with improvements in health caring centers in USA.

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