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Improving Health & Wellness

A healthy society of community shows a sense of physical and mental well being and is the basis for the achievement of all other objectives. Good health is usually taken for granted but it is fundamental for a productive community. For instance, each community requires a health work force or personnel upon which to establish its economy and the students who are healthy are more equipped to learn and become successful academically. However, there are several factors which contribute to long life; these include socioeconomics, demographics, behaviors, the environment and genetics.

It is very important to examine these factors when in an attempt of trying to increase life expectancy as well as improving health status, since positive health practices lead to better health and higher life expectancy. Nonetheless, the value of the examination and improvement of community health is apparent when analyzing or considering life expectancy data. The improvements in health care are directly accountable for about thirty-year increase in the life expectancy from around the year 1900 to present. Efforts of public health prevention like personal decisions, community action and social policies are responsible for about twenty five years of the increase in life expectancy. Nevertheless, of the remaining five years, we find that medical treatment advances are responsible for about three and a half years, and clinical preventive services like screening tests and immunizations, have increased life expectancies of about one an a half years.

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Education is a major way of ensuring improvement in health and well being of the people in the community, and it involves the following:

Nutritional Counseling

Appointments should be available with a dietitian. Sessions should also be available for nutritional counseling and individuals who are learning the management of various health matters. Nutrition counseling offers a direct education for general nutrition information and a variety of modified diets. Those who may be able to benefit from these services are individuals suffering from renal disease, hypertension, eating disorders, obesity and diabetes (Wallerstein, 2009). 

Community Presentations

Programs on health care education lead by health care experts should be provided in the community to teach people on the best ways of managing diseases, minimizing health risks, and adopting a healthier way of life. Topics or subjects include nutrition, tobacco cessation, disease management and stress management. The provision of these programs should be done at a small and affordable fee or even free of charge at different areas of the community. The times, dated as well as the locations should be widely publicized even through the Calendar and the media.  

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Another important step in ensuring improvement in health and wellness of the community is by protecting employees. It should be ensured that the workers wash their hands before they leave the bathroom. Most of them always believe that by not washing their hands, there won't be any serious consequences, which is wrong because those dirty hands have germs that carry various diseases. Employers should also ensure that their workers are healthy before entering their place of work (Wallerstein, 2009).

The Personal Health and Wellness scenario helps individuals lead healthier ways of life to prevent chronic conditions. However, Personal Health and Wellness scenario for health outreach, health education, and personal health offer flexible tools together with technologies which are easy to use, that helps in promoting behavior leading to healthier ways of life and preventing chronic conditions by the engagement and information of people. The following are advantages of using personal health and wellness solution: Patients are in a position of accessing preventive health tools and information; Providers and patients are in apposition of accessing lab results, medical records, medical images, care plans, in a single, secured private online portal; and health organizations can be in a position of enhancing market perception and increasing patient satisfaction.

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