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Becoming the Difference

For many years, ever since I was living in Italy, I have always been concerned with the preservation of archeological treasure. I am going to school to read anthropology with the hope of transferring to archeology. One of the reasons that make me want to ultimately pursue a career in underwater archeology is, because I want to be involved in the preservation of marine treasures. I am given to passionate reading, and in my reading I have come to discover that there is a lot of cultural heritage that is out in the oceans. This cultural heritage must be preserved from looters and destruction by natural elements.

The reason that makes me start with a degree in anthropology is because, I want to relate the terrestrial archeology and underwater archeology. Although in the past there has been a schism between the two, academics from both sides have healed the schism. I love underwater archeology because, I have always loved history and scuba diving from my early days in Italy, with my sisters.

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I have come to the realization that terrestrial archeological treasures are well preserved. On the other hand, marinetime archeological treasures are daily being looted legally and illicitly. It is my objective to be part of a team of academics, who will protect underwater cultural heritages from looters, a team that will identify and work to preserve the said heritages.

In the contemporary society, the threat to shipwrecks of historical importance underwater is remarkably, different from terrestrial archeological sites. This is because commercial salvage and the popular exploitation of underwater cultural heritage, are mostly legal in many places, and hugely celebrated in the media. I want to bring big a difference to this trend. I want to work and change this entire field in underwater archeology.

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