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My Personality Changed

Five years ago, I was a teenager. Since then, I tinkered with computers. It has been my hobby, passion and way of learning. Just like most kids, I liked computer games; I spent most of my free time playing them. Sometimes I failed to do my homework. The teachers in the school my parents took me were very strict and would scold me. Though my parents were staunch Christians, I did not like going to church. My father died when I was young. However, my mother made sure I went to church whenever they went. I couldn't refuse to go because I respected her so much. By the time I graduated from high school, I knew I wanted to study Computer Programming.

Five years down the line, I have changed a lot. I have developed a liking of the church and I do not miss sermons anymore. My life revolves around computing and currently I am studying Programming. My behavior has also changed a lot. I have now learnt to respect my parents and always try my best not to hurt them. I have become a modest, independent lady who is able to take care of herself. I am committed to achieving the best results in the course I am undertaking. I have learnt how to plan my free time since now it has greatly reduced.

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In the next five years I hope to be working for a big software manufacturer so that I can be at a position to participate in breaking trends in new technology. The determination in my heart is going to take my places. I also see myself having set up a good family and doing Masters in Programming. I see myself being a youth leader in my county. I wonder how much that costs.

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