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My Most Favorite Attire

In our current generation each and every person has a desire to be unique from a crowd especially when it comes to clothing. Clothes serve various functions for human beings from the simply practical such as protection and modesty to the additional abstract expression of distinctiveness. However no one wishes to wear similar type of cloth than our friends in a party, we want to wear something different, something that no one else will wear. But it doesn’t mean that we will not wear based on the latest fashion trend. We want to be fashion, we want to feel our style and let people enjoy our unique style.

There is an argument that you ought to be proud of yourself no matter what you are wearing. Unlike many people, I hate new-fangled clothes. Both my brother and I wore hand-me-downs from our grown-up cousins, clothes that were squashy and had been worn hundreds of times before we even put them on. These clothes, if worn by someone like me who loves his clothes a bit too much, can last for a very long time. I also have a routine of washing anything I buy before I ever wear it. Cleansing it a few times is advised. Just a few artificial materials that do not aggravate my skin and those are the ones prepared to be exceedingly soft.

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Many are times in our lives when we have wanted to be exclusive putting on fashionable clothing, owning magnificence phones, wearing stylish shoes, carousing at VIP zones. Having a wish for being special is definitely common in most of us. Nevertheless the importance thing is not about spending thousands of money in a piece of material, shoes, or sunglasses just to satisfy our desire. Therefore wearing elite garments has not been luxurious and it does not need us to spend a lot of cash looking for the sweater that Kate Middleton worn the previous week. Wearing exclusive garments is now at your hands thanks to the revolution of the fashion trade.

I have a tendency to dress for comfort if not required to do otherwise. People who don’t know you will treat according to how you dress. People are said to be confidence when standing straight and being realistic; however that is not sufficient. The individual appearance largely determine others perception towards the same as well as radiating personal uniqueness and special fashion style. Due to that reason people will away dress to impress! Nevertheless I'm never comfortable when I have to be dressed in a "monkey suit". I always have a preference to sweats, jeans, chinos, T-shirts, golf shirts or cotton button downs most of the time.

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Some clothes have are associated with memories that will not fade no matter what. This is the situation I often find myself in whenever I think of that Halloween day outfit my Aunt Katherine bought me when I was twelve. She had promised to buy me an item of my choice if I improved in class from mid-position to top twenty. All my friends had the then shiny, black, scary and forbidding Halloween attire that I so much envied. I wanted such a suit for myself so bad that during the entire term, there was no single night that I went to bed without covering at least several pages of my science book, a book that you can rest assured was nowhere in my list of favorites. However, I knew there was no way I could keep reading my story books and expect to make a score that would place me in the top quarter of the class and finally get me this outfit.

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Each and every evening, I used to pass by Le’Dan’s just to have a feel of this attire. The neck was round with a hood attached, though removable. It had these huge buttons on the hood where a mask could be buttoned onto. The buttons’ surfaces were engraved with a drawing of a pirate’s logo similar to that of my all time favorite movie actor: Jonny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. The mask was the most outstanding feature. The scariest of them all, The Dead Man’s Chest ghost, in Jonny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean was graphically and explicitly well graphed out. The ghost’s head filled the mask while the rest of the ghost’s body was painted on the rest of the attire. When fully worn, I appeared just as the ghost does. Just a mere change in walking style was sufficient to scare the hell out of anyone, my mother not withstanding.

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Finally, my results were out and unbelievably, I made it to position twelve. I remember that as soon as I got my report card, instead of rushing home, I went straight to Aunt Katherine’s house. On informing her of my choice of reward, she was no short of words discouraging me from picking it. She felt that it was too scary, besides the fact that I would only get to wear it once a while. My mother too, on learning of it, tried all sorts of means to persuade me to consider any other outfit. However, no amount of persuasion would discourage me from buying my own ‘Jack Sparrow’ (which is Jonny Depp’s stage name).

As already you can guess, that Halloween night was my best ever. There was however one surprise that Dan, the store owner, had kept for me. To date, I have never figured why he chose to give me the Halloween boot which completely complemented my attire. Although I visited the shop almost on a daily basis, so did my colleagues. I am more talkative than most and it must have weighted towards his decision, but this is in no way conclusive. The boot itself was made of a light, flexible sole, making it even easier for me to conjure ‘ghost moves’ and other ‘ghastly and scary’ shapes. The upper boot parts were made of a sailor’s leather, and were proudly engraved 1844. The boot’s toe was sharp and conical. It looked more of an adaptation of a witch shoe though it perfectly fit the day’s purpose. The boot’s interior was filled with short soft furs that made it so comfortable to wear. That night, I was surely the most outstanding Halloween night figure. However, most good things are not meant to last. It is such a shame that Halloween nights are only a handful past which one can no longer participate in them.

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At all other times, I used to hang my Halloween attire on the wall and directly below it, I would place my boots. My parents never tired complaining about how this attire made my room look scary. However, this criticism was in no way moving me towards pulling it down. On the slightest of excuses, my parents would pull it down but as soon as there was an earshot away, I would put it back up. I neatly folded and packed this particular outfit in my life memorable bag, once I was too old to go out for Halloween nights. This shall surely go into the attic someday with the old furniture. My children, if God shall one day bless with some, will ask me

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