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My Favorite Place

Often, Times Square in New York City is my favorite place. Indeed, the place is really bustling with Broadway theatres, super signs and cinemas that one may be attracted to. In New York, it is one place that keeps the city exiting due to the inflow of local residents and tourists to the place. Notably, a first trip to the square leads to an urge for consistent visit.


            The Times Tower was built on the 43rd street, as a result of the rapid expansion of the City, which was just next to Broadway in the downtown. Opposite the Times Tower, there was an open square named Longacre square. As center of interest to the locals and International tourists, the name was changed Times Square in 1904. The area occupies between 6th & 9th avenue, and 40th & 53rd street. Typically, the area became a major social scene and central to the residents. In fact, people have nicknamed the place as “the crossroad of the world” because of its strategic location and an iconic landmark.

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            The event that marked the beginning of the Times Square was the launch of the new headquarters of the New York Times. Indeed, thousands of the residents joined in the celebration that made the area an attractive place to date. During World War One, the Time Square became central and acted as a theatre zone, which attracted many visitors and the locals. As a result, various investors and companies started installing both electronic and other billboards for making specific announcements, thereby; making the area to became a cultural and commercial hub in the city.

            Other than the theatres, upscale hotels and music halls were constructed to cater for the social needs of the visitors. Notably, the people gathered at the Square to follow presidential elections, other world proceedings and celebrate those events there. For example, Herbert Hoovers Presidential election’s victory was the first electronic sign that was left running on one of the billboards at the Times Square. In fact, the numerous billboards in the area have attracted tourists internally and globally.

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            Notably, there was a depression that rocked the United States early 1950s and the theatre attendance dropped considerably. The negative impacts of the depression including losses, led to the closure of business operations. Despite the fall of theatre attendance, the place did not lose its meaning and status. Peep shows and trip teases replaced most of the billboards, which made the area boomed again.

            As a social place, it attracted the evil minds. In the 1960s, for example, there was increasing prostitution and gambling, which led to a decline in the reputation of Times Square. Sex shops, bars, drug trafficking, and adult theatres engulfed the Square to serve the interest of those who liked such. During that time, the place became unsuitable for children.

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            Late in 1960s, there was a clean up of the area, under the leadership of the town Mayor. Essentially, security was intensified, pornographic theatres closed, and drug dealers hunted. Moreover, better upscale hotels and friendlier tourists’ attractions were established for the Square to regain its status. Currently, there are various animated LEAD and neon signs that have enhanced the iconic image of New York City.


            In summary, the Times Square is one of the most interesting places that one may visit when on a trip to New York. Besides, many local residents find the place an interesting scene, especially during free times. Despite the bad reputation that it had sometimes, in 1960s, Time Square has been re-conditioned to be a lively place attract and fascinates visitors.        

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