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Transferring and My Objectives

Over the years: since I understood the meaning of education, I have come to realize that education is the most important and essential thing in my life. There is a common saying, which says that ‘education is power.’ In my high school days, I never used to pay attention to this saying. My fathers, as well my teachers would mention this saying repeatedly, to an extent that I thought it was just like any other saying. Specifically, my father would tell me that I had to work hard in school to empower myself. I have know come to understand what my father and my teachers kept on repeating this saying. Getting education gives somebody the power to many different things. Education enables one to get a good job, to gain recognition in the society, and to make daily life decision in a prudent manner. Currently, I am an aerospace/mechanical engineering major student in my local university. Based on my understanding about education, I would like to transfer to an upper division university.

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One of the reasons for my transfer is that, I want to learn more about my major from an upper division university. Every institution of higher learning has its own ways of teaching, own instructors, and different ways of viewing things. Based on this, I would like to join an upper division university, different from my current university, and learn more about my field from a different perspective. In addition, I have a desire to learn more about aerospace/mechanical engineering. I believe that an upper division university will offer a good learning environment for me to fulfill my desire. Given this opportunity, I am sure I will learn how to create new things, which in return; I will transfer this knowledge to other people in our society. Moreover, I want to learn in an environment where there are no obstacles to learning. I believe transferring to an upper division university will enable me learn without any obstacles, and fulfill my goals in life.

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By transferring to an upper division university, I plan to achieve a number of objectives. My first objective is to learn more about my field from the highly knowledgeable professors in an upper division university. Second, I want to do internships in different places, to enable me acquire enough experience in my field. My last objective is to study hard and to gain the knowledge of aerospace from my professors, so that I can use this knowledge to accomplish my goals.

Aerospace/mechanical engineering is a field, which is largely dominated by men. After I graduate with a degree in aerospace/mechanical engineering, my goal will be to empower women to take up engineering courses. Women can become engineers just like men, and perhaps, be more creative than men are. After completing my studies, I want to use my knowledge to create my own design of a machine that will be useful to the society in the future. Finally, after my studies, I want to work with the Air Force of this country. I want to learn many things from them, and in return, help them using my engineering knowledge. I am dedicated to use my knowledge to serve this country since it has given me many opportunities, which I never dreamt of in my life. I want to be an asset to the society in the best way I can through my aerospace/mechanical engineering skills.

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