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Personal Strengths And Weaknesses

Throughout life, an individuals’ strengths and weaknesses gains clarity as one proceeds in writing. As one begins the process of writing, there is less focus in the strengths and weaknesses portrayed. We ought to realize the importance of our strengths and weaknesses in order to make a difference in personal growth. I use my strengths to improve my habits and weaknesses to strengthen my faults. One major strength am proud of is that I have no problem painting images with words. Am confident with language, and so visual, meaning I am able to use my vast description ability to bring out a situation or image, as it appears to be. I am also very creative. My vivid imagination is worth admiring. I am able to come up with a story and describe it in a manner that sounds real. I have worked on this through intensive reading of books and this has built up my imagination and creativity. I enjoy making up words and putting them together in a way that no one can. I have no shortage creation of colorful original ideas for stories.

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Further to that, I am organized and able to present my work in a logical progression. I am able to analyze issues from any angle and make the story flow progressively making the one reading it not have a chance to divert attention. I can also argue out issues in a way the reader gets satisfied. I am blessed in doing all I love and enjoy pretty well.

 I have a passion in expressing ideas in words. This makes me write pretty well. I learnt that doing something passionately contributes to perfection and quality of the work. I often strive to ensure I write on issues am comfortable with and are passionate. I also strive to ensure there is a balance between education and entertainment in the works I write. An ideal combination of fun and information makes the reader happy. Most readers often look for information and fun in articles. A boring article will not attract a reader.

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My shortcomings are my greatest worry. I often feel that they may cause my downfall but I frequently take them as a learning experience. Having a positive mindset assists me in turning my weaknesses into strengths. One of my greatest weaknesses is reluctance in editing my work. My mind is full of ideas such that by the time I complete writing, am moving to another concept and getting back to edit is difficult. This often makes me have simple errors in my work. I am working on this by setting aside some time after writing to go through my work and correcting mistakes. I hope that soon I will perfect on the practice.

 I have a common writing structure dominant in my works. This makes editing seem like a routine of deleting common transitions. I am fond of using common writing structures like, “On the other hand, Despite, and further to that.” These phrases are common in my works. I am working on my vocabulary to improve on this and avoid monotony. I have a phobia of writing fiction stories and essays. I am scared of fiction stories and movies. I often fail to bring up the ideas in proper sequence as I freeze up during writing. I try to watch and make summaries of fiction movies to build my courage in writing such stories. I also have a weakness in writing storylines. I feel like am writing TV soap opera or an unending story and get bored along the way. Long story lines with many characterizations deprive my patience in writing. Despite the fact that I may be rich in ideas of bringing out the storyline, I lack the patience. I am working on this by writing a novel and structuring the story into chapters of different ideas each. This will assist me build my patience an exploit my ideas.

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Knowing ones personal strengths and weaknesses is important as it assist one know the areas to perfect and work on them intensively.


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