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Coin Flipping

If were to take part in flipping a coin and choose tails, it is most likely going to land on heads. Despite that, I believe that I am one of the luckiest people on the face of the earth. The coin-flipping sense may not really define my fortune. This is the most applicable in almost all other ways. I am really blessed and I do not think my life depends on a chance which is ideally the concept in coin flipping. I believe there is a better way of choosing alternatives and dealing with disputes. I have had plenty that came without taking chances on anything. I have come across many people who have believed in me and supported me in their very best effort. The more I tried to recall the impressions of my life, the more surprising the result comes.

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My life is a complete contrast of coin flipping. My present and future is all put in place and would take a personal commitment to accomplish that. This I believe. If I were given the opportunity to show appreciation of whatever good has come my way, I would certainly do that. Living on the face of the earth is more than just depending on luck. My existence and what comes my way is basically a natural occurrence free of gaming experience. In fact, I would say that my life is too important to be gambled with. If something is meant for me, I certainly believe that it will surely be mine. Otherwise, it will just slip away.

While coin flipping is widely used in weighing options and at times in working out justice, my case would be different. I could ask myself, “Suppose the flipping of a coin was the decision process I had to go through to live in this land of the free?” It would be difficult for me to make progress. I was freely given the opportunity to act, think and speak my mind in a free manner. I can confidently pursue my ambitions regardless of their huge and crazy nature and it is unfortunate that something like coin flipping would stop me from achieving what I want. I strongly believe that I can do that which is in my power, whole heartedly and without making a reservation for anything as long as it is within the moral law of the universe.

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Above all, I am surrounded with my very supportive elements including my parents, siblings and a Chinese cultural orientation. I always see everything going my way and still do not understand what else can be compared to the achievement I have got without struggling a lot. I may not really tell why I deserve this. One important realization that I have made, is the fact that I can use my fortune for the good of other people. I will someday become a contributor to the development of the society and give out the goods things that have been given to me. I will ever show appreciation for the things that work for my good. I am most confident that I am lucky. If every person looks what surrounds him in his favor, then we could all realize that we are similarly lucky. Hence, heads or tails? It depends on what matters to an individual.

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