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Bad News Letter

Thank you for your telephone call of February 27, 2012. We appreciate your inquiry about your boarding pass for the flight to Florida. We are focused on satisfying our customers with high-quality services and customer care. Kindly rest assured that we attend to your concerns guided by our principle of “Traveler First”.

The US Airways works with other online companies to facilitate flight bookings.,, and are examples of such companies. In normal circumstances, customers conveniently make an online airline reservation, pay for it and receive a boarding pass prior to departure. This is in an effort to ease service delivery by localizing access to services of the company. Ideally, customers do not have to travel to our offices in order to book for a flight. They can do these bookings at the comfort of their homes, offices or wherever they are; provided they have access to the internet. The websites to facilitate online booking are user friendly and relatively easy to navigate. Customers who use them quickly master how the whole process works and enjoy the experience. However, the use of such services may seem complicated to some customers. The process may cause problems to customers who may not be computer literate, who fly infrequently, or who are attempting online reservation for the first time. One indicator of an improperly completed online booking is when the customer fails to receive an email with the confirmation number of the reservation. With this in mind, our records show that you still do not have a reservation for the flight to Florida. This is because you may not have completed the online reservation and properly handed in the information. This may explain why there are no charges for your ticket on your recent credit card bill.

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The company informs you that you will not be able to travel on the said flight. Though we have attempted to solve this unfortunate problem, no reservation could be offered to you in the flight to Florida at the said time.

However, the company has an elaborate mechanism of dealing with such situations. During winter times like this, we have extra flights to Florida. Exactly twelve hours after the departure of the said Florida flight, another Boeing 245 will be destined to the same destination. The company has this particular provision to ensure that customers are not inconvenienced by errors arising from booking. The company advises that you visit any of the online booking websites affiliated to us. Then you should navigate to the “Emergency Boeing 245” icon, click on it and follow the instructions. Alternatively, call or visit our offices any time before one hour to the flight take-off. We will schedule you in. The flight will cost the same amount as the missed one, provided you have evidence that you had earlier on attempted to book. This is an all-first-class plane with comfort befitting the expected winter in Florida. In addition, kindly note that we have free lessons on how to undertake an online booking. These lessons are offered at our offices in the waiting lounge every Friday and are open to the public. You are welcome.

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Please call us at 425-564-788 to seek any clarification or give suggestions. We strongly value your feedback, for it is from it that we achieve the high-quality services that we provide. Rest assured that we indeed mean it when we say “Traveler First”. Thank you again for choosing U.S Airways.

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