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My Decisions

From my childhood I demonstrate a lot of interest in being an advocate for other people. I am a very educated, experienced, active and ambitious person. I have a critical mind with good analytical skills and talent for scientific research. I was born in Russia in 1986. By the time I was growing up in the 1990s, there was a lot of corruption and lawlessness coupled with the rise of violent crime and criminal gangs. This was among the main issues troubling Russia at that time. Such events in my childhood ignited my passion to study law considering the negative impact that was created through crime and mayhem. As I grew up, my dreams and passion landed me in one of the best Russian law schools, Russian Academy of Justice which was established by The Superior Court of Russian Federation at a time following the lawlessness period.

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I have always treated everybody with a lot of respect and I believe this has been a strong foundation that I lay and that has made me. My instructors and other adults were giving me responsibilities which made me even better. As I studied in the Law School, I occasionally volunteered in the Moscow Helsinki Group which happens to be the oldest contemporary Russian human rights organization. I took part in this organization’s activities as an expert counsel of prisoner’s rights. As I had a privilege to be among the best students in my class, school gave me the opportunity to secure a job. I initially worked as a lawyer in a Prioritet Law firm based in Moscow, Russia where my main responsibility was to maintain cases in courts for a period of nine months. Immediately after that, in May 2007, I began to work as a director of legal department at the Legal group of independent lawyers in Moscow, Russia. My role as a director included the supervision and monitoring of the contesting of cases in different law courts while interacting with panel lawyers, courts and the offices of law.

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My competence in law led me to yet another job in March 2009, where I worked as an associate dean of the science department in the Russian Academy of Justice where I provided an administrative direction to the science department on legal matters. This was in fact a management position in an administrative department. It was a very prospective high level position where I had been working with the most influential and the best known judges of Russia. Later on I migrated to the United States and got myself a work as an intern for the position of a legal clerk in the immigration law office in Hollywood, California. My duties included the preparation of applications, forms and documents for cases of immigration, researching and maintaining file immigration cases and database.

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Through my performance I have received recommendations from an honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation and Honored Scientist which I will be glad to present upon an invitation to the U.S. Law School. I also have some legal experience in the U.S.A. where I have been working in a law office as a legal clerk for a period of four months. I am most confident that this will give me a safe landing in the U.S. Law School. All through my studies and while working as a lawyer, I am most confident that this course is my best. My ambition in the legal field is firmly grounded and I am really happy in it. In the U.S. Law School there is a great opportunity which is the type of competitive educational environment for me. This prestigious institution has the Legal Career Program in which I am interested and that is offering me the best opportunity to establish myself fully. With my ambition of attaining a PhD in the future, the U.S School of Law is the best place for me. I am committed to the legal profession both as a lawyer and in legal science.

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