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My Dream

I am happy to be a part of the American nation today as we go down in history as the greatest nation in the world. I am proud to be American as the equality practiced around the country gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves in the mannerism they deem best. It is especially overwhelming to know that America is viewed as a unified nation irrespective of one’s race. The recent developments to eradicate racial discrimination have made America more peaceful for everyone irrespective of their race than it was before now.

As provided in the constitution, every American citizen has equal rights; be they white or black. Despite this provision in the constitution, this was not entirely implemented until the rise of movements advocating for equally rights irrespective of race. As a result of the different voice for the eradication of racial discrimination, people are now able to attain citizenship easily, and feel comfortable as being part of the American nation.

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Also, developments towards the help given to refugees through the UNHCR have seen many more individuals enjoy life just like other citizens. They are able to attain citizenship if there is persistent unrest in their home countries. In addition to this, they feel appreciated and comfortable among the natives. The balance that has been maintained between enhancing security and important thing in protecting the homeless and refugees has enhanced freedom among citizens.

There is the need to realize that this freedom that has persisted in our country should be maintained. We need not turn back. Appreciating one another will enhance the bonds that exist among citizens. This implies that unity will be maintained in the country. We all know that unity is strength. Therefore, if we remain unified, we are bound to drive higher to greater heights.

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I have a dream that America will be a place where everyone will feel at home irrespective of being a native or not. I have a dream that America will be a place where people will no longer view each other on the basis of their race. I have a dream that the most valuable thing in America will be one’s security, peace of mind and not one’s origin. I have a dream that freedom will reign in all states of America. I have a dream that life will be much better than it is and everyone will be contented. I have a dream that America will always be united as one.

When all my dreams come true, our country will be driven to greater prosperity that it already is at the moment. Generations after generation will also learn to uphold the nation that we will help shape today. At that moment when all these dreams come true, equality will reign throughout America.

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