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A Significant Event in My Life

It all started when I was diagnosed positive in my pregnancy test several months ago and climaxed on May 7 2011, when I experienced labor. The world was with possibilities and I could not wait to becoming a mother. It was around 2 am when I went to hospital accompanied by my mother and my best friend Monica. On our way to the hospital, I was extremely excited knowing that it will be a guaranteed to return home with a little fortune of joy. My heart was throbbing, and I felt some dizziness as we move towards the reception. A middle-aged woman in a white coat talked with my mother while I rest in a bench outside. The woman came and directed us to where we need to go. I was admitted, but I remained at 2cm for more than 12 hours. On May 8 2011, that was two weeks before the expected time. I finally got to 3.5cm for 14 hours then 5cm to 9cm hour and thirty minutes, was on which was a mother’s day when celebrations glorification mothers and their motherhood and changes they bring to the society were held.

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Three hours after waiting eagerly the Doctor came in; an extremely quiet center aged American woman, with good-looking face and flimsy hands. She made me be positioned at the periphery of the bed. I felt uncovered and naive of what was to happen. Ten minutes later, I experienced a rush of agonizing pain contract throughout my upper belly down to the lower pelvis. After some time, the doctor said that labor had started, and the intervals of contractions would be strong. The signal of pain came almost after four minutes and was so rapid that to catch a gulp of air. I pushed for about an hour and a half, legs broad opened and longer cared about carefulness and seclusion I screamed and grasp my mother’s hand, persuaded me to keep pushing. I pushed, letting the dizziness occupy me, I felt the inadequacy of breath. I squeezed, pushed, and scream. I sounded annoyed, yet I wanted a baby. I gave a third push, then I began hearing unclear voices of my mother; My friend Monica, nurse and the doctor; I cried in pain but after some seconds, I felt the toddler push throughout my pelvis.

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The doctor assured me that it was only minutes before the baby was born and take his initial breath. She positioned a mirror amid my legs hence following the proceedings. My mother held me firmly and on the fourth push, I saw my sons head appearing at the aperture of my vagina. This made me push more, and; finally, the doctor aided me ease my precious boy out of my body. I smiled and waited patiently as she reached up and put my baby across my arms. I had become eager in the last days of my pregnancy to see, hold, and, touch his tiny nose. I cradled my baby boy who was awful cute, and my mother and Monica were highly elated they were eager to hold the baby. I was energized regarding the baby, but hard to believe. I felt fully started at my own once I gave birth, I named him Jayden. I figured back and think of the magnificent things me erudite when I was in labor and when I was bringing the child into this world. It takes endurance and accepting. I had to be susceptible and unquestioning to strangers. My whole body took control of what is needed as this lacked in brain. This day was the most unforgettable moment in my life. I would always recall that significant day.

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